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Workforce Training

Workforce Training

Relevant experience to make you competitive in today’s workforce.


Welcome to the Center for Employer Services at Fulton-Montgomery Community College.

Community colleges, like FM, have a number of services and activities of which employers may want to take advantage. These include hiring graduates, providing internships, meeting space, and training of existing employees. However, sometimes it is difficult for someone outside of the College to know whom to call to access these services.

The Center for Employer Services is designed to be an employer’s “one-stop shop” to access anything that they may need from FM. By contacting the Center for Employer Services your questions and needs will be met. You will have one contact person with which to work. While there may be several College employees who need to work on your project, your primary interface will be simple for you.

If you have workforce training needs, please feel free to contact JeanMarie Reinke at 518-736-3622, Ext. 8931 or email at jeanmarie [dot] reinke [at] fmcc [dot] suny [dot] edu.