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Learn about:

  • Academic Program Information
  • What will I learn and how will I learn it (hands on, traditional classes, online)
  • Characteristics of students who are successful in this field of study
  • Types of occupations
  • Career pathways and transfer opportunities
  • Popular transfer colleges for FM students within this field of study
  • Job outlook/Employment opportunities/median salary
  • Internship opportunities
  • Many of the professors have worked in the industry they are teaching (real world experience)
  • What is the demand for graduates within this field of study

May 12th: Computer & Information Technology Professors

May 13th: Business Professors

May 18th: General Studies and Education Professors

May 20th: Individual Studies Professors

May 21st: Health Professors

May 27th: Human Services and Criminal Justice Professors

May 28th: Arts and Design Professors

June 3rd: Technology Professors

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