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FMCC and Ivy League Colleges Now Teach Financial LiteracyFMCC and Ivy League Colleges Now Teach Financial Literacy

By Laurence K. Zuckerman, CPA, MST, Associate Professor, FMCC/SUNY Financially speaking, there are two Americas. While estimates vary a bit, it is generally accepted that between 6 – 12 percent of U.S. families are millionaire households—meaning … Read More


What SUNY Graduates are Earning

SUNY is pleased to announce the launch of an interactive dashboard, which tracks and displays NYS wages … Read More

FM Around the World: Staying Connected with our Alumni

One of my favorite sayings is “we are seeing the world one student at a time” and this is indeed true … Read More


Competitive and Innovative Degrees

FM offers focused courses of study, always evolving to meet the changing landscape of today’s job market. Each degree is designed to bridge the gap between getting an education and getting hired — another reason FM graduates rise to the top in their field.