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2+2 Dual Admission Program

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Enroll for Winter and SpringEnroll for Winter and Spring

Students who are currently matriculated at another college or do not intend earn a degree at FM may enroll in courses as a voluntary non-matriculated student. Students who plan to transfer FM credits to their “home” school should consult with the … Read More


COVID-19 Response Plan for Academic Continuity, and the Health and Safety of Students, Faculty and Staff & Communication Plans

Fulton-Montgomery Community College’s Spring 2021 COVID-19 Response Plan for Academic Continuity, and … Read More

CARES Act HEERF Student Aid Report

Fulton-Montgomery Community College acknowledges an authorized representative of the institution has … Read More


Competitive and Innovative Degrees

FM offers focused courses of study, always evolving to meet the changing landscape of today’s job market. Each degree is designed to bridge the gap between getting an education and getting hired — another reason FM graduates rise to the top in their field.