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Bus Service

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Bus Service

Transportation is available for FMCC Students.  Ride the bus to and from the FMCC Campus.

Bus Services are provided by:

Fare Cost:  Ride Brown Coach and Gloversville Transit Bus Services for one price per semester.  Unlimited FMCC Semester Pass – $350.00

  • Brown Coach Bus Service (Amsterdam):  10 Tickets – $20.00
  • Gloversville Transit Bus Service:  10 Tickets – $22.50  (Ride GTS Website)

All above tickets and passes can be purchased at the Bursar’s Office located in the Student Welcome Center. Financial Aid (if eligible) may be used to purchase tickets or passes.  Individual tickets can also be purchased with cash on the bus.

Montgomery Area Express (MAX)/FMCC Bus Service:  Tickets and passes may be purchased by request on the bus.  Fare cost varies based on originating location.  The MAX Monthly “Freedom Pass”  is $50.00

CDTA Bus Service: 

Route #600 (Neighborhood Belt Line) will serve Amsterdam neighborhoods via Church Street, Clizbe Avenue, Guy Park Avenue, Division Street and Route 30.

Route #601 (South Side and Route 30) will serve South Amsterdam and Route 30 via Bridge Street, Market Street and Wallins Corner Road.

Route #602 (Amsterdam to Schenectady) will connect Amsterdam to Schenectady via Guy Park Avenue, Division Street, East Main Street and the Mohawk Turnpike (Route 5).

Please visit https://www.cdta.org/ for additional information and fare cost.