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Streamlined Transfers

FM offers a streamlined transfer process that takes the worry out of saving big on the first two years of your degree.

“I can’t afford to lose any time or credits when I transfer to a four-year school.”

Helping students transfer successfully to four-year colleges and universities is an FM strength. Your success is our success, and we have specialized resources and programs to help you plan your transition before you ever set foot in an FM classroom. One program allows you to actually be enrolled in your target four-year school and FM at the same time – earning your credits and preparing for your final degree at a fraction of the cost.

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Fulton-Montgomery Community College has transfer agreements with a growing list of public and private universities.  Those agreements detail a sequence of course work that has been pre-approved by the transfer institution to allow students to maximize the number of credits that will be transferred.

Transfer agreements are not, however, required.  Most four-year institutions now have online transfer equivalency databases to show you specifically how your courses will transfer to that four-year institution. With planning and assistance from FM’s transfer specialists, you can seamlessly transfer without loss of credit.

If you are not yet sure of your target university or college – or even your major – FM can help you make effective use of your studies to explore options and earn credits to move you efficiently toward your educational and career goals.

Streamlined paths to a four-year university degree via FM take the pain out of the transfer process. To learn more, contact Admissions at (518) 736-FMCC (3622) ext. 8301 or e-mail us at geninfo@fmcc.suny.edu.