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Parents & Family

Parents & Family

Resources for parents of future or current students of FM.



Your child has decided to pursue a college education.  At FM, we strive to provide a solid education for students that prepares them for their next steps in life, as adults.  Whether your child has decided to pursue a two-year associates degree designed to enter the workplace upon completion, or a program  of study that is designed for transfer to a four-year college, by choosing FM, your child has made a sound choice.  We want to make you aware of some of the opportunities your child can take advantage of as a FM student.

Types of Degrees

There are two types of Associates degrees that can be pursued at FM. The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) is designed for the student who wishes to study for two years, and then enter the workplace. The Associate of Science (A.S) or Associate of Arts (A.A) degree is designed with transfer in mind. Most students who attend FM with the goal of transferring to another college choose this option.

Academic Advising

FM uses a “center” approach to academic advising.  Students, after acceptance, are introduced to the Student Development Center, which houses our academic advising team.  Students can work with any advisor they wish, and may change advisors at any time throughout their education.  Advisors assist students in the areas of establishing a schedule of classes, transfer opportunities, as well as career exploration opportunities.


Many students take advantage of tutoring services, located in our Learning Center in the Evans Library.  Students may seek peer tutoring or professional tutoring, and there is no additional charge for these services.  If your child is struggling in a subject area or just needs someone to read over an essay, the Learning Center at the Evans Library is the place to go.

Financing a College Education

FM is a very affordable option.  Our financial aid team is ready to assist with any questions you might have regarding paying for college.

Student Involvement

Many students at FM choose to become involved.  There are many ways to engage at a community college.  We offer 31 student clubs and organizations, we have a very active Student Government Association and Student Activities Office.  We also offer a Student Ambassador program, where students can assist with campus tours and special events on campus.  If your child is interested in becoming involved, suggest they stop by the Student Activities Office in the College Union building.


FM is part of the National Junior College Athletic Association and we offer seven different competitive sports teams. They are Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Basketball.  Our teams are called the Raiders. Visit our Athletics section for more information about athletics and check out the schedules for games. Come and see the Raiders in action.

Safety and Security

This is a topic that many parents are concerned about. FM has a full-service Office of Public Safety, located in the Physical Education Building of our campus. Our trained officers patrol the campus and campus housing to insure the safety of our students and college community.

Be In the Know

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Important Dates:

Apr 253rd 5-Week Session Individual Course Withdrawal Deadline (Session 07) 

Apr 25Relaxation and Massages 

Apr 25Wall Street Club Bake Sale 

Apr 25Community Outreach Club Meeting 

Apr 25Fitness Club Meeting 

Apr 25American Sign Language Club 

Apr 25Spring Visit Days 

Apr 26Spectrum Club Meeting 

Apr 26Fitness Club Tournament 

Apr 26BLSA Club Meeting 

Apr 26Spring Visit Days 

Apr 29Inflatables and Trykes 

Apr 30ABLE Club Meeting 

Apr 30Meditation and Relaxation Time 

Apr 30Fitness Club Practice 

May 1Think Peace Club Meeting 

May 1The College of Saint Rose Info Table 

May 1Art Guild Club 

May 1FM Bizhub Club Meeting 

May 2Women’s Self Defense Class 

May 2Community Outreach Club Meeting 

May 2Fitness Club Meeting 

May 2American Sign Language Club 

May 3Special Friday Make-up Session (for evening classes only) 

May 3Student Senate Association Meeting 

May 3Spectrum Club Meeting 

May 3Fitness Club Tournament 

May 3BLSA Club 

May 3Deaf Chat! ASL Club Gathering 

May 7ABLE Club Meeting 

May 7Meditation and Relaxation Time 

May 7Fitness Club Practice 

May 8Last Day of Classes for Spring Semester 

May 8Think Peace Club Meeting 

May 8Art Guild Club 

May 8FM Bizhub Club Meeting 

May 9Final Exams 

May 10Final Exams 

May 13Final Grades Due at Noon 

May 16FM Board of Trustees Meeting 

May 16Academic Awards Ceremony 

May 22Commencement 

May 23FM’s 26th Annual Golf Classic 

May 24Last Day to Register for “Day Session I”, “Summer Eve 8 and 10-week Sessions” without $25 late fee 

May 27Memorial Day Holiday – No classes (limited services/facilities may be available) 

May 28First Day of Class for “Summer Day Session I” 

May 28Late Payment for “Summer Day Session I” (subject to $25 late fee) 

May 28First Day of Classes for “8-Week Evening Session” 

May 28First Day of Classes for “10-Week Session” 

May 28Late Payment for “8-Week Evening Session” (subject to $25 late fee) 

May 28Late Payment for “10-Week Session” (subject to $25 late fee) 

Jun 18Last Day for Individual Course Withdrawals for “Summer Day Session I” 

Jun 20FM Board of Trustees Meeting 

Jun 21Special Friday Make Up Day for “Summer Day Session I” 

Jun 28Last Day of Classes for “Summer Day Session I” 

Jun 28Last Day to Register for “Summer Day Session II” w/o a $25 late fee 

Jul 1First Day of Classes for “Summer Day Session II” 

Jul 1Late Payment for “Day Session II” (subject to $25 late fee) 

Jul 2Last Day for Individual Course Withdrawals for “8-Week Evening Session” 

Jul 4Independence Day Holiday – No classes (limited services/facilities may be available) 

Jul 11Last Day for Individual Course Withdrawal for “10-Week Session” 

Jul 12Special Friday Make Up Day for “8-Week Evening Session” 

Jul 18FM Board of Trustees Meeting 

Jul 19Last Day of Classes for “Summer 8-Week Evening Session” 

Jul 22Final Grades Due for “8-Week Evening Session” 

Jul 23Last Day for Individual Course Withdrawals for “Day Session II” 

Jul 26Special Friday Make Up Day for “Day Session II” 

Jul 26Special Friday Make Up Day for “10-Week Session” 

Aug 2Last Day of Classes for “Day Session II” 

Aug 2Last Day of Classes for “10-Week Session” 

Aug 5Final Grades Due for “Day Session II” 

Aug 5Final Grades Due for “10-Week Session” 

Aug 15FM Board of Trustees Meeting