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Follett Equitable Access


Let us take the mystery out of the enrollment process.


Follett Equitable Access

We are happy to announce that SUNY FMCC is now using Follett Equitable Access for all our courses.  Follett Equitable Access is a new program through the Raider Trader College Store that packages your textbooks, electronic textbooks, and required course materials.  These are charged at a reduced price directly to your tuition and fees bill.  It’s a convenient way to ensure you get the materials you need to succeed prior to your classes, all at a competitive and affordable price! Students are automatically enrolled, if you wish to not participate – you must opt out – see information below. 

What You Will See on Your Bill 

You will see an item on your bill for each of your courses that offer Follett Access materials labeled as Course Material Fee. This item is the cost of your required textbooks and course materials for that course. The Course Material Fee will be calculated at $25 per credit hour you are registered for. 

The Benefits of Follett Equitable Access 

  • Follett Equitable Access eliminates time spent searching for deals on books, and you do not have to worry about getting the wrong book or edition. 
  • FMCC is able to secure the lowest cost possible for materials, which could save you up to 50%. This enables you to know the full cost of your class up front with no surprises about out-of-pocket costs. 
  • This program offers the conveniences of paying for course materials along with tuition and fees, eliminating the wait time in bookstore lines, and potentially increasing student success by ensuring that all students are prepared on the first day of class. 

How to Access Your Course Materials 

Through this program, you can access all your electronic course materials within the Brightspace environment and pick up your physical course materials at the College Store, by or before the first day of class.  For Spring 2024, your materials should be available on January 17th, 2024. 

Opting Out 

Students are automatically enrolled in Follett Equitable Access.  To opt out, you can access the Opt Out Portal via an e-mail from Follett, which will be sent to you in January.  Be aware: opting out may result in higher costs for materials.  The opt-out deadline for Spring 2024 is January 31, 2024.  If you opt out, your decision becomes final as of the deadline date, and you will not be able to opt back in. 


If you have questions about the Follett Equitable Access program, we’re happy to help.  Contact Heather Lyng at the Raider Trader College Store at 518-736-3622 ext. 8432.