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Tuition and Fees


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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fee Schedule

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2023-2024 Tuition and Fee Schedule
Tuition and fees are subject to change

New York State Residents W/Certificate $5,376.00 ($2,688.00 per semester)
New York Residents W/O Certificate $10,752.00 ($5,376.00 per semester)
Non New York State Residents $5,976.00 ($2,988.00 per semester)
PTECH/Early College High School Program $1,800.00 ($900.00 per semester)*
New York State Residents W/Certificate $224.00 per credit hour
New York State Residents W/O Certificate $448.00 per credit hour
Non New York State Residents $249.00 per credit hour
PTECH/Early College High School Program $75.00 per credit hour*
Full Time $0.00
Part Time $0.00
International Student Commitment Fee $100.00
Automobile Permits $5.00 per vehicle per semester
Automobile Fines $25.00 (Appeal Process)
Course Material Fees (Follett Equitable Access Program) $25.00 per credit (More Information)
Capital Fee (Full-Time) $150.00
Capital Fee (Part-Time per Credit) $10.00
Credit By Experience/Life Experience $35 per credit hour
Diploma Replacement Fee $10.00
ESL Compass Testing Fee $15.00
Student Wellness Fee $20 per semester
Course Fees, Health, Science, English, Etc.** $75.00
Late Fees And Late Registration Fees $75.00
Lost Library Material Replacement Cost & Processing Fee
Nursing Testing / Remediation Fee $290 per semester
Nursing IV Materials Fee $525.00 per semester
OER $10.00 per course
Radiologic Technology Clinical Course Fee $150.00
Returned Checks-ISF $25.00
Smoking Fine $25.00
Student Activity(Full Time) $130.00 per semester
Student Activity(Part-Time Per Credit) $10.00
Transcript, Grade Report, Financial Aid, Immunization, Transfer Record $5.00
Transportation – Semester Pass $350.00
Technology Fee*** $23.00 per credit
Student I.D. Card Replacement Fee $10.00

*SUNY policy allows tuition discount for designated students.

**Course Fees – Course fees are assessed for courses that offer various types of labs, special equipment and/or support services. This includes traditional lab arrangements associated with science and technology courses as well as the computer labs and peer tutor program which the College makes available as support to many courses in the Business, Technology and Liberal Arts areas.

***Technology Fees – The Technology Fee supports development, implementation and access to campus wide facilities and services.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must pay or defer with financial aid in full by the payment due date.

When students register or pre-register for study, they incur an obligation for tuition and fee charges and (for students who reside in New York State) a Certificate of Residence.

Information regarding certificates of residency is located under Admissions Tuition and Fees section. It is necessary that in addition to paying tuition charges, all students claiming residency in New York State file a Certificate of Residence or pay out-of-state (double) tuition charges.

Senior Citizens Auditing Policy

Auditing allows an individual to participate in all aspects of a course without receiving a final grade.  Individuals age 60 and over may enroll in a class at the college and not pay tuition. Seniors may register to audit classes during the college’s registration period prior to the start of each semester. However, some courses may be restricted due to space availability.

Payment and Collection

College tuition, fees, and all costs associated with books are the responsibility of the student. Bills must be paid by the term’s payment due date in order to avoid cancellation of the class registration. Tuition and fee charges can be met in several ways:

  1. The College accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.  Payment may be made online via the MYFM portal, by mail, or in person with cash, check, or money order.  Payment may also be made over the phone by calling:  (518) 736-3622 (Extensions 8601, 8602 or 8604).
  2. Deferral of tuition and fee charges against official financial aid award sources (PELL, TAP, SEOG, scholarships etc.). To defer, students must have an official award notification on file with the College.
  3. If part or all of the account will be paid by a sponsor, a signed sponsorship form (ex. letter, voucher, authorization) from your sponsor guarantying the payment needs to be provided to the College.
  4. The College offers a monthly payment plan through Nelnet (https://ss.fmcc.edu/PowerCampusSelfService/Home) which allows students to pay some of their educational expenses monthly with no interest or late charges. There is a $25.00 enrollment fee per semester.
  5. Any combination of the above (if financial aid or student loan are not sufficient to cover all charges, the balance must be paid by the student.)

Failure to Meet Tuition and Fee Obligations

Please be advised that missing outcomes, incompletes, or failure to complete coursework successfully may result in a change to your financial aid eligibility and result in an outstanding balance that is owed to the college.

A late penalty fee will be added to accounts that have outstanding balances after the payment due date. Delinquent accounts are forwarded to a collection agency for collection. The student is responsible for all collection and attorney fees associated with the collection of the debt, including collection costs which will be at a minimum of 25 percent of the debt plus any and all attorney and court fees.

Adjustment in Tuition and Fee Charges

Any student who registers for a semester is responsible for payment of all tuition and fees for that semester regardless of the student’s attendance or non-attendance. Tuition and fee charges will be reduced or eliminated only if the student notifies, in writing, the appropriate office listed below according to the schedule below. Please note that adjustment periods differ for fall/spring and winter/summer sessions.

To withdraw from all of your courses – Student Development Center, Visual Arts and Communications Building.

To withdraw from some of your courses – Registrar’s Office, Visual Arts and Communications Building.

1. In any semester if you withdraw or drop in writing, through the Student Development Center or the Registrar, before the first day of the College semester you are released from your obligation to pay tuition and fees for the courses you have dropped. If you have paid your tuition, it will be refunded to you several weeks after the semester begins.

2. During Fall and Spring semesters only: If you withdraw in writing, through the Student Development Center or the Registrar, after the first week of the College semester (beginning on the first day of the semester), you pay tuition for any courses for which you are still registered. You must pay all fees for courses dropped and any courses retained.

3. During Fall and Spring semesters: Prior to the first day of the College semester, you are responsible for payment of tuition and fee charges for the semester. During Winter Term and Summer semester: you are liable for payment of all tuition and fee charges as of the first day of the semester, regardless of your attendance or non-attendance in classes. Winter Term and summer semesters are prorated to a regular semester and refunds are made in accordance with the same policy.

Tuition Refunds for College Withdrawals

When refunds of tuition charges are due as in the case of withdrawal or canceled classes, the Bursar’s Office will refund any amount due to the student. Refunds are processed 3-4 weeks after the start of the semester.

FMCC offers a direct deposit refund option. Students provide the bank account they want their money deposited into and the funds will be deposited directly into that account within 1-2 business days after refund processing. Instructions on how to sign-up for direct deposit can be found here:   Refunds

NYS Refund Policy for Withdrawal from a SUNY College:  A student who officially withdraws shall be liable for payment of tuition and fees in accordance with the following schedule:

For Semester (Sessions lasting 9 – 15 weeks)

Prior to 1st day of semester 100% of Tuition & Fees
During 1st week of semester 75% of Tuition only
During 2nd week of semester 50% of Tuition only
During 3rd week of semester 25% of Tuition only
After Third Week of Classes – NO REFUND

For Sessions lasting 8 weeks or less: 

Prior to 1st day of semester 100% of Tuition & Fees
During 1st week of semester 25% of Tuition only
After 1st Week of Classes – NO REFUND