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FMCC Playmates Child Care Center


Let us take the mystery out of the enrollment process.


FMCC Playmates Child Care Center

FMCC DaycareThe Fulton County YMCA/FMCC Playmates Child Care Center located on the college campus is a well-equipped, child-centered facility that provides affordable, quality childcare for college students, faculty, and staff members. If space is available, the community at large is accepted.  

Philosophy and Curriculum 

We believe that children learn best by doing what comes naturally, PLAY! Our program strives to pr Locker Areaovide a safe, stimulating, healthy and nurturing environment for its children. The curriculum reflects the child’s age and researched, developmentally effective practices.  

Daily activities include play within specially created learning areas and outdoor play for fresh air and large motor exercise, We use the college gymnasium in inclement weather. We are often seen taking walks around the campus and enjoy being part of the community. 

Parents are our valuDaycare Preschooled partners in supporting the children’s learning and are welcome to visit and encouraged to participate in the program.  

Staff view themselves as role models and strive to respectfully meet the needs of all families.  

Ages Served Daycare Infantile

Our license with the Office of Children and Family Services allows us to serve a total of 32 children between the ages of six weeks and Kindergarten entrance. 


Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 5pm. Scheduling is flexible.  


Two nutritious meals, breakfast and snack, are provided to the children each day as prescribed by the Division of Nutrition of the New York State Department of Health. Parents provide a peanut free/tree nut free lunch.

Dayecare Preschool


Fees vary according to the age of the child and the number of days attending. 

Tuition Assistance 

A variety of tuition assistance opportunities are available for eligible families.  

Enrollment Process 

Please call Christianna Husted at 518-762-9367 or email chusted@fultoncountyymca.org for enrollment information and other questions. EnrollmentAlphabet Tiles requires the completion of an application, the submission of a college class schedule, and other New York State required documents. 

Quality Stars NY Participant  

We are proud to participate in the voluntary improvement system as development spans a lifetime.