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CHS Instructor Information


Let us take the mystery out of the enrollment process.


CHS Instructor Information

Welcome to the College in the High School Program. Fulton-Montgomery Community College is pleased to have the opportunity to work with you and your district. As a participant in the program, the following information includes several items which require your attention.

 College in the High School Faculty Information Form

  • Current Resume – Please submit a current resume to Daniel Fogarty, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.
  • College Transcripts – This allows us to maintain compliance with the Middle States Commission of Higher Education which requires that all instructors teaching courses for college credit have appropriate post-secondary training in the area in which they provide instruction.

Course Mentoring Contacts– FM has implemented a division chair system. The chairs will coordinate the course articulation process, the course observations and serve as your resource at FM. In the event a chair position is vacant, your liaison will be the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Daniel Fogarty.

Course Articulation Agreement – An Articulation Agreement will be sent to you for each course that you are teaching; Read carefully, sign and return to the attention of the Academic Deans Office.

Course Syllabus Template – The FM official syllabus checklist outlines required elements for your CHS syllabus. The Course description on the syllabus must be identical to the description in the FM College catalog.  A syllabus template will be sent to CHS Instructors when an instructor/course has been approved.  As a reminder, you must develop a separate syllabus for your CHS course which distinguishes the course from your secondary course syllabus. Contact your course liaison for assistance with preparation of your syllabus. A course syllabus must be submitted every semester that you teach a course, even if you have taught the course previously.

Course Student Learning Outcomes – Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) have been officially adopted for each FM course offering. Each course syllabus must contain the SLO’s that were approved. Contact your course liaison for a copy of the SLO for your course.

Please note that all materials must be returned to FMCC by the appropriate deadline for each semester. Submission after the deadline may impact the course offering for that semester.

Students wishing to drop or withdraw from a course must use the appropriate form:

Course Drop Form

Course Withdraw Form

Please direct questions to Daniel Fogarty, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

(518) 736-3622 extension 8008