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Radiologic Technology Application & Requirements


Let us take the mystery out of the enrollment process.


Radiologic Technology Application & Requirements

Radiologic Technology A.A.S.

Program Entrance Requirements and Application Instructions

Admission to the Radiologic Technology program is competitive. There are program entrance requirements that must be completed by the application deadline.  Approximately 18-20 students will be accepted to the Radiologic Technology program each fall, based on clinical site availability.

The Fall 2022 application application due date was January 10, 2022.  If you meet the prerequisite requirements you may submit a late application.  There is no guarantee that late applications will be reviewed.

Program Entrance Requirements

  1. Proof of graduation from high school or a high school equivalency diploma (formerly known as a GED).
  2. Completion of Intermediate Algebra, Biology, Chemistry or Physics per description below by the application deadline. Students may fulfill these requirements by completing high school courses, college courses* or a combination of both. The most recent grade will used to fulfill the program entrance requirements.*Please note: A course syllabus/transcript, description, and grading scale must be provided for agencies other than accredited college.

The most recent class grade will be used to fulfill the program entrance requirements.  Applicants who have attended more than one college, are required to submit all college transcripts to determine a cumulative GPAA cumulative GPA will be determined by the Registrar.

Mandatory Professional Licensure Disclosure
FM requires applicants to read and understand this information.
Click here to read the Mandatory Professional Licensure Disclosure.
You will be required to answer the question regarding this disclosure on the Radiologic Technology Application for Admission.

Entrance Requirements
Completed by 1/8/2021

High School Classes

 College Classes

Intermediate Algebra
“B-“ (80%)
Algebra I & II
Math A & B
MAT 120 Intermediate Algebra
Please note: Statistics does not fulfill this program entrance requirement.
Biology with a lab
Minimum Grade:
“B-“ 80%
Biology with a lab SCI 135 Introduction to Biology Molecules/Cells OR
SCI 136 Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology
SCI 137 Human Biology
 Please note: Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology classes will not fulfill this program entrance requirement.
Chemistry OR Physics
with a lab
Minimum Grade:
“B-“ 80%
Chemistry or Physics
With a lab
SCI 170 Introduction to Chemistry
SCI 161 Introduction to Physics I

Application Instructions – Please review carefully

Step 1.  Complete the Radiologic Technology Program Entrance Requirements Form.   You will need electronic copies of your transcripts to attach as proof you fulfill all requirements.  You may use unofficial transcripts for this part of the application process.  Please note:  You must also have official transcripts sent directly to FM.  Applicants who have not completed the program entrance requirements by the application deadline, will not be reviewed.  Incomplete Applications will not be processed.

Students who do not fulfill all items outlined in the Program Entrance Requirement Form are encouraged to begin work on these requirements by applying for the Health Studies program using the General Application for admission.

Step 2.  Complete the Fall Online Application for Radiologic Technology.

Step 3.  Approximately, the top 40 students will be contacted to attend a Communication and Experience Assessment session with Radiologic Technology faculty.

2020 Communication and Experience Assessment Sessions to be determined.

Selection Criteria
Math 25%
Biology 25%
Chemistry/Physics 25%
GPA 5%
Communication and Experience Assessment 20%
In the event, two Radiologic Technology applicants have the same prerequisite grades, Anatomy & Physiology grades will be used to break the tie
Tie Breaker:
BIO 181 Anatomy &Physiology I
BIO 182 Anatomy & Physiology II

Students accepted to the Radiologic Technology Program must submit proof of American Heart Association Basic Life Support certification and Health form prior to the start of the Radiology Program.


  • Transfer students from other collegiate radiology programs are evaluated on an individual basis.
  • Prior FM credit or transfer credit will not be granted for college level Anatomy and Physiology I and II, if the course is more than seven years old. (must also earn a “C” or above)
  • Final decisions as to prior FM or transfer credits will be made by the Dean of Academic Affairs in consultation with the Radiologic Technology Selection Committee.

Note:  To qualify for the next sequential radiology course, the student must earn a grade of “C” or higher in radiology courses, pass the clinical portion, and earn a grade of “C” or higher in Anatomy & Physiology I & II (BIO 181 and BIO 182).