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Radiologic Technology Application & Requirements


Let us take the mystery out of the enrollment process.


Radiologic Technology Application & Requirements

The Radiologic Technology program is competitive and there are prerequisites and application requirements.

Fall 2018

The application deadline was January 12, 2018. If you meet the prerequisites, you are welcome to submit a late application.  There is no guarantee that late applications will be reviewed for the Fall 2018 program.

Please read the admission requirements below.  If you meet the required prerequisites you may proceed with the application process.

Step 1.  Review the Online Supporting Documentation Form.  If you meet the required prerequisites you may proceed with the application process.  You will need electronic copies of your transcripts for this portion of the application process.

Please note: Upper-level courses cannot be used to meet prerequisite course requirements.  i.e.  Statistics, Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology will not be looked at in place of Intermediate Algebra and Intro to Biology.

Step 2.  Complete the Fall Online Application for Radiologic Technology.

Students who do not fulfill all items outlined in the Radiologic Technology Application Supporting Documentation Form are encouraged to begin work on the prerequisite requirements by applying for the Health Studies program using the General Application for admission.

Applicants who have not completed pre-requisites by the application deadline will not be reviewed.  Incomplete Applications will not be processed.


Please note:  A course syllabus/transcript, description, and grading scale must be provided for agencies other than accredited colleges.

  • Proof of graduation from high school or GED

Successful completion of the following:

  • High school Math Course I and Course II or Math A and B or college level math (MAT 120 Intermediate Algebra) or course equivalency with a grade of “B- (80)” or above.
  • High school Biology or college level Biology with a lab (SCI 135 Introductory Biology: Molecules & Cells, SCI 137 Human Biology) or course equivalency with a grade of “B- (80)” or above.
  • High school Chemistry or Physics with a lab, or college level Chemistry or Physics (SCI 170 Introductory Chemistry I or SCI 171 Introductory Chemistry II) or (SCI 161 Introduction to Physics I or SCI 162 Introduction to Physics II) or course equivalency with a grade of “B- (80)” or above.

Students accepted to the Radiologic Technology Program must submit proof of American Heart Association adult and pediatric CPR certification and Health form prior to the start of the Radiology Program.


  • Transfer students from other collegiate radiology programs are evaluated on an individual basis.
  • Prior FM credit or transfer credit will not be granted for college level Anatomy and Physiology I and II, if the course is more than seven years old. (must also earn a “C” or above)
  • Final decisions as to prior FM or transfer credits will be made by the Dean of Academic Affairs in consultation with the Radiologic Technology Selection Committee.

Note:  To qualify for the next sequential radiology course, the student must earn a grade of “C” or higher in radiology courses, pass the clinical portion, and earn a grade of “C” or higher in Anatomy & Physiology I & II (BIO 181 and BIO 182).


Radiologic Technology Curriculum Outline

Radiologic Selection Criteria