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Nursing Health Form FAQ


Let us take the mystery out of the enrollment process.


Nursing Health Form FAQ

Does the type of CPR matter?

Yes, it does. Our clinical affiliates require American Heart Association Basic Life Support for their employees/associates. So, that is our standard as well.  American Red Cross or a completely on-line course is not acceptable.

Where can I take a CPR course?

Typically during June, FM will arrange for Eastern Medical Services to hold an American Heart Association Basic Life Support course on campus. Course information is typically sent to all incoming health profession students.

In addition, a course can be found by searching www.heart.org, by contacting the area hospitals, or calling a local ambulance/fire squad.

Why does it say wait until June before getting my physical?

It is suggested that you have your physical after June 1st so that it is valid through the entire academic year. If an annual physical exam falls during another part of the year, such as an employment requirement or restrictions of your health insurance, you may use that physical for the FM Nursing program.  The physical exam is good for one year and cannot lapse.

When is the completed health form due?

The health form, which includes mantoux skin test, immunizations, and physical exam, are due by August 1st.  Complete instructions will be mailed/emailed to accepted nursing students.

How long is the mantoux test good for?

The mantoux skin test is good for one year and cannot lapse. If you have a positive mantoux test or if you have contraindications for the mantoux, a chest x-ray is required.

I had Varicella (chicken pox) as a child. Is that proof enough?

No. An individual who had a slight case of varicella may not have developed immunity to the disease. Our program requires documentation of a two-series Varicella vaccination or a positive blood test/titer as proof of Varicella immunity.

Why do I need to sign the back of the form?

Our clinical affiliates have the right to request a copy of your health records per NYS Department of Health regulations. Your signature on the form acknowledges that you are aware of such regulation and will allow the Nursing Program to comply.

If I have further questions, who should I contact?

Contact the Nursing Program Director at 518-736-3622, ext. 8914 or ecasey@fmcc.edu