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Online (Web-based) Courses


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Online (Web-based) Courses

FM teaches several online courses every semester. We use the Blackboard learning platform through SUNY Online to manage our online classrooms. SUNY Online has extensive support for students, including the Student Orientation, library resources, and the SUNY Online Help Desk.

Our online courses are taught completely through the Internet:

  • It is not necessary to come to campus for lectures, examinations or to turn in assignments (but you are welcome to visit the FM campus to use any of our student services if you’d like!).
  • You can sign on any time of day or night from anywhere that you can access the Internet.
  • You are free to develop your own study schedule within certain guidelines. Classes have a start date and end date and your professor will establish due-dates for your various lessons and assignments.

You should be prepared to spend nine to twelve hours per week working on a three-credit class (taken in a 15 week semester). If you are taking a class that meets during a 10-week summer session, or if your class is greater than three-credits, you should plan to spend additional hours of study per week.

Online Courses versus Blended Courses:

Blended courses use a hybrid or combination of learning methods that include both on-campus and online study. Enrollment in these courses requires your attendance at scheduled classes on campus as well as online requirements to retrieve or submit assignments or participate in class discussions. The online and on-campus expectations will be established by your professor and will vary from course to course.
On FM’s schedule of classes, the courses that are taught entirely online are identified in the “Notes” section as “Web-Based Class (100% Online).”

View FM’s online course offerings here.

Students who are best suited for online study:

Online study can be very rewarding and academically enriching. If you need a flexible schedule because of work or other responsibilities, online study gives you the freedom to set up your own study schedule. However, online study is rigorous; you have to work as hard, or even harder, than you would if you were taking a course that meets in a classroom setting.

If your writing skills are weak, or if you prefer the structure of a classroom, describe yourself as a procrastinator, or need someone to remind you to complete assignments, you should probably stick to courses that meet in the classroom for now. You can always take an online course after you’ve established yourself as a successful college student!

If you have some of these characteristics, you may be suited for online study:

  • You regularly use a computer at home or at work.
  • You are an independent learner.
  • You are comfortable without one-on-one interaction with your professor or classmates.
  • You enjoy writing and you have good writing skills.
  • You are willing to spend the time required to write out assignments, including participation in class discussions through written responses.You are organized and self-motivated.
  • You are able to understand directions and concepts independently through text reading.
  • You understand the difference between active learning and passive learning. You strive to be actively engaged in class discussions, using the concepts you are learning in the course.

If you are typically quiet in a classroom setting because you are shy or prefer to reflect before speaking, you may particularly enjoy the online experience. You can take time to think before participating; online study allows you to speak up in class and work in groups without feeling like the center of attention. You can still develop strong working relationships with professors and classmates despite the anonymity of online study!

Sign up for the Courses you Want to Take:

There are two separate and distinctive steps for signing up for an Online course. You should complete the steps in order:

1. Contact FM to Enroll in the Course:

  • Enrollment in an FM online course begins with the same registration process as any other FM credit course. Non-matriculated students should follow the telephone or in-person registration instructions described here.
  • If you are a full-time, matriculated student you should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor by calling or visiting the Student Development Center (N-107 or 518-736-FMCC (3622), x8140).

2. Login Instructions with the Open SUNY

  • Prior to the first week of class, go to fmcc.open.suny.edu.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for your Username and Initial Password.

3. Get Ready to Learn!

  • Purchase your textbook (if required). You may call the Bookstore for more information at 518-762-8022.
  • Read the course outline and schedule carefully, paying close attention to assignments and due dates.
  • Identify your instructor’s on-line and off-line addresses and the telephone number. This contact information is presented under the course information.
  • Complete the SUNY Online Student Orientation. This orientation will teach you how to participate in an SUNY Online course.
  • Use the SUNY Online Knowledge Base for addiional assisance.

Library Distance Learning Services

Visit the Evans Library by clicking on the link from the FM homepage.