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Study Abroad

British IslesDuring the Spring 2019 semester the FM Biz Hub is offering International Business: Study Abroad. BUS 206 International Business is a special topics elective that includes an experiential learning objective with a study abroad component to Ireland (Killarney & Dublin) North Wales and England (Stratford, Oxford and London) during Spring Break 2019. Students will study similarities and differences in the cultural, political and business practices of the United States, Europe and Great Britain. Business students will be visiting and studying at corporations in Dublin and London. Participants will also get guided tours of popular sites on route. The trip is open to the community and taking the class is not required to attend the trip.

To see the complete itinerary click here. The cost is $3,450 with a$150 surcharge if travellers are older than 30. That includes flights to and from Albany, NY, accommodation, breakfast, two evening meals and guided tours highlighted in the itinerary. If travellers sign up in in March an additional $250 discount will be applied so it will only cost $3,200…Sign up today!

For more information on these trips and/or the class contact; Mark Swain, Business Instructormark.swain@fmcc.edu or Joel Chapin, Art Professor joel.chapin@fmcc.edu

 Quotes from London 2016:

“This is the best group of travellers I have ever had the pleasure to lead! I have lead hundreds of students groups and FM’s students are the best prepared and most respectful of them all, I will truly miss you all…” — EF Tour Guide.

“I’ve been doing my best to think of my favorite part of the trip, and I’ve realized that it wasn’t anything specific but a sequence of somewhat small events that really have stuck with me.”

“…none of us thought we were going to fit in and how lucky we all were to have had such a wonderful group.. Trying to put it into better words and somewhat falling short I said the only way I could explain it, was that I had at least one meaningful one-on-one conversation with everyone on the trip, and I thought that was beautiful…”

“I got to see a lot of the things most travelers get to see in London. But more interestingly, I got to see parts of London that aren’t on a tourist map.”

“…I have made memories and friends for life…”

“On the Third day I wrote in my journal: “…[I’m] thinking to myself how this has been my focus since December and remembering how Europe doesn’t feel the way you’d think. It feels normal, and in turn makes me wonder if I’m strange…In retrospect I see that feeling normal wasn’t strange at all.  Normal is what you feel when you’re wherever it is that people use your name as the best way to describe you.. It means you feel understood, and at home… and THAT (by far) was the best part of the trip!”

“My favorite moments were not being able to say I experienced just “London”, but being able to experience the culture and history with friends and people who I now call friends. That’s what makes the difference.”