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Micro-Credentials / Badges


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Micro-Credentials / Badges

Micro-Credentials at FM

What is a micro-credential leading to a digital badge?

A micro-credential is a compact credential that verifies the achievement of in-demand skills and competencies.   Recipients can showcase their skills easily through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, to secure employment, or advance within their career.

Digital badges are clickable icons and contain information such as the issuing institution, the date earned, the criteria required to earn the badge and the evidence that shows you have met the required criteria.  Badges can be put on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, added as a link on your digital resume, or embedded in your e-portfolio.

FM utilizes Credly’s Acclaim (Acclaim) badging program.  Acclaim’s badging program provides a recognition of skills and achievements through secure and verifiable digital credentials.  Credly is the leading digital credential service provider for verifying, sharing, and managing digital credentials and badges.

How long does it take to earn a micro-credential badge?

Micro-credential badges are typically comprised of three or more college courses and takes two to three semesters to complete.

Who can earn a micro-credential badge?

Students currently matriculated in specific academic programs may apply for a micro-credential badge.  Please see your advisor for more information.

Current Micro-Credential Badge Offerings

  • Accounting & Finance – Level I
  • Advanced Account & Finance – Level II
  • American Policing
  • Chemical Abuse Counseling
  • Compassionate Communication and Action
  • Correctional Services
  • Homeland Security
  • Human Services
  • Judicial Process
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Office
  • Multiculturalism and Diversity
  • Private Sector Security
  • Psychology of Criminal Behavior
  • Society and Human Rights
  • Sociology of Crime
  • Victim Studies
  • Youthful Offenders

All program and enrollment questions should be directed to:

Jean Marie Reinke, Director of Employment Services and Individualized Learning

518-736-3622 ext. 8931   or   Jeanmarie.reinke@fmcc.suny.edu

The Power of SUNY Micro-Credentials