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FM FlexMode


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FM FlexMode

Online or On-Campus Classes – The best of both worlds

People have different learning preferences. Some prefer the comfort, accountability, and face-to-face interaction of a traditional on-campus classroom. Others prefer the freedom and convenience of online learning. At FM, we offer the best of both worlds.

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FlexMode Courses

Ease into the online learning platform and test the waters to see if it’s a good fit. Students can take FlexMode courses online, attend class on campus, or flex between the two learning environments. FM’s professors keep track of progress and communicate regularly. Students also have the flexibility to switch to either all online classes or all on-campus classes depending on their preferences. It’s our goal for students to find the perfect fit that’s right for them.

FM courses offered during the summer and fall semesters:

FlexMode Summer 2019

  • Financial Accounting – ACC101 FM
  • Managerial Accounting – ACC102 FM

Students have access to both the online and on-campus environments. Students can take the course online, attend class on campus, or flex between online and on-campus formats. These FlexMode courses combine alternating weeks of online and on-campus classes so students can reduce time commuting to and from campus for class.

FlexMode Fall 2019

Evening Financial Accounting –  ACC101 FM
  • Quantitative Business Analysis – BUS115 FM

Both courses meet every other Thursday on alternating weeks to allow students to enroll in both courses and attend once per week with online requirements. Students can also take both courses online or flex between online and on-campus formats.

Let us help you design your online or on-campus class schedule

You can contact us any time by calling (518) 736-3622, text us at 518-620-2461, or e-mail us at geninfo@fmcc.suny.edu. We are always available for you!