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Information for Interested Employers


Excellent, affordable degree programs from a dedicated faculty.


Information for Interested Employers

How Can Internships Help Your Business?

Develop new talent, inspire young minds and help shape curriculum as a participating business in FM’s internship programs. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate industry leadership, mentor incoming career candidates and discover golden hires. You’ll train highly motivated interns with focused career goals, provide specialized training and evaluate their progress.

You can nurture new talent for your industry and test potential job candidates in the workplace, identifying the best of the best.

As an Applied Learning Employer you will:

  • Create a true partnership between business and education.
  • Train motivated students from varied academic disciplines.
  • Teach specialized workforce skills.
  • Enjoy fresh thinking from enthusiastic minds.
  • Build student commitment to your organization.
  • Find a cost-effective way to evaluate new job candidates.

A Win-Win Experience

“Our experience with the FMCC internship program was a win-win. Our interns made a great contribution to the day-to-day running of a business, showing initiative beyond my expectations and a willingness to learn whatever was thrown at them. Through this program, employers have a wonderful way to ‘test the waters’ and get back much more than is given.”

–Kim Russo, Sr. VP of Administration, Townsend Leather Company, Inc.

Interested in becoming a participating business? Complete the Applied Learning Interest Form or contact Business and Community Partnerships by calling 518.736-3622 x8931.