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Career Planning Courses


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Career Planning Courses

Why register for a Career Planning Course?

  • To gain self awareness of your interests, personality, life goals and values
  • To understand your educational and career options
  • To research and match yourself with potential career/transfer options
  • To prepare for transfer to a four year college and explore majors
  • To learn how to excel at every step of the job search process, including resume and interview preparation
  • To make decisions, set goals and plan for the future

The following courses are one credit career planning courses available at FM.

CL199-Career Exploration And Planning

Any realistic career planning must begin with developing a better understanding of oneself. The purpose of this course is to provide transfer and career students with instruction in the career planning process directly related to the selection of a college major and ultimately the world of work.

Topics include a comprehensive skills assessment, identification of work and personal values, career interests, work and learning styles, and personality types related to college majors and academic success.

As the course progresses, students will begin to develop areas of interests related to college majors and future career paths. Each student will complete a project to investigate college majors or occupations that are of interest to them. The student will begin to use the information to evaluate to what extent their career interests realistically match their skills and qualities. The project will also assist the transfer student with planning the academic requirements associated with the major(s) they have chosen. Each student as part of their project will develop career/occupational goals and academic plans.

CL200-Career Portfolio Development

This career course is designed to prepare the students for the transition from college to the “Information Age” work place. Through lecture, discussion, and individual projects, the interactive curriculum includes four units and begins with an overview of labor market trends and competition. A critical workplace skill for participation in what is now a Global economy is emphasized in the curriculum.

The four units provide instruction of the necessary skills to plan and implement a self-directed job search in the “hidden job market.” Topics include the assessment of personal and work place competencies and work style, identification of personal and work values, information interview, resume (including electronic resume development) and cover letter design, behavioral interviewing techniques, development of a self-directed job search (including internet/web job search resources) and retention strategies.

Through the course, students will be developing a career portfolio, which includes a career assessment, class notes, handouts, final copies and the resume and cover letters.

CL201-Career Success Strategies

This course is the capstone of the career development coursework that begins with CL199 (self-assessment, career exploration), and CL200 (Job Search Techniques). Research shows that the majority of people lose their jobs because of poor work ethic, not because of aptitude. This course is designed to teach appropriate skills desired by employers. Not only will this benefit those about to enter the job market following graduation, but will also benefit those students enrolled in internships, COCAL, work study, and other forms of experiential learning.