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Health Studies AAS – 1731


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Health Studies AAS – 1731


The Health Studies degree program provides students with an opportunity to build a foundation and explore multiple career paths and employment in the growing healthcare Industry. This innovative curriculum is designed to prepare students who intend to pursue entry-level healthcare positions and for those current healthcare employees who are looking to upgrade their skills. These include Surgical Technologist, Patient Care Technician, Public Relations Assistant, Phlebotomist, Radiologic Diagnostic Imaging Assistant, EKG Technician, EEG Technician, Medical Records/Coding, Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technologist, Diet Technician, Dietary Ambassador, Mental Health Assistant, Peer Counselor, and Recreational Therapy Aid.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the breadth of career options, practices, and trends in the healthcare industry and related health fields.
  2. Analyze and discuss the ethical and legal principles in healthcare and related health fields.
  3. Demonstrate communication, problem solving, and critical thinking skills pertinent in the healthcare and related health fields.