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Computer Information Systems AAS – 0581


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Computer Information Systems AAS – 0581


This curriculum is structured along the lines of career interests and job skills that are required by students who plan to enter the field of computer information systems.

The course work emphasizes practical problem-solving skills, the use of computers, information technology and written and oral communication skills to achieve a well-rounded computer information systems background.

FM graduates will have a solid foundation, working with hardware, software and information management. They will be able to provide solutions using learned IT knowledge and interpersonal skills and will have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing IT industry.

Morrisville State University offers Dual Admission for the Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. For more information, meet with FM’s Transfer Counselor.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop software solutions for client, server, and web applications.
  2. Acquire, implement, support and utilize networks.
  3. Acquire, implement, support and utilize hardware.
  4. Acquire, implement, support and utilize software.
  5. Provide project management in a personal and professional environment.
  6. Maintain professional development and adapt to the ever-changing Information Technology industry.