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Business: Business Administration AS – 0671


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Business: Business Administration AS – 0671


This program is designed to prepare students to transfer to four-year institutions to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Business. The flexibility of this program permits students to meet the requirements of their intended transfer institutions.

Students transferring to four-year institutions may specialize at that institution in a particular field such as finance, marketing, business management, or business education, and begin that specialization at FM.

Students may pursue this degree program on campus or fully online.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply effective oral and written communication, quantitative reasoning, and technology competencies to real-world business scenarios.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking, teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, and decision making skills that optimize business outcomes.
  3. Identify how diversity and ethics impact the evolving global business environment.
  4. Demonstrate core competencies in Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Management, Business Law, Information Systems, and Business Applications.