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Automation Systems / Mechatronics (Certificate) – 0925


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Automation Systems / Mechatronics (Certificate) – 0925

This program is designed to provide the technical training that is necessary for entry-level employment in a variety of high-tech fields. Mechanical and electronic topics are combined to provide a systems view of “mechatronic” automation and robotics. It is an excellent path to jobs in advanced manufacturing, including those in the field of semiconductor manufacture. This also provides a pathway to the two-year Electrical Technology A.A.S. program.

Program Learning Outcomes

1.  Demonstrate a “bottom-up” knowledge and hands-on competence of the fundamentals of electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic devices.
2.  Demonstrate a “top-down” hands-on understanding of a multi-disciplined system with various components interacting in unison.
3.  Students will be proficient at applying transportable advanced troubleshooting and problem solving skills to systems they will find in the future.