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Students with Disabilities


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Students with Disabilities

Fulton-Montgomery Community College offers reasonable accommodations for students with physical, psychiatric, and learning disabilities.  Students requesting accommodations for the Writing Assessment and/or other campus programs and services are asked to present documentation of the disability to the Coordinator of Accessibility Services, located in the Student Development Center.  This information is confidential and is kept separate from the student’s academic file.

Accommodations are individualized by student need and may vary each semester.  Students meet with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services, in N107, each semester to determine accommodations and then meet with the

Academic Success Coordinator, in L013, who will arrange for their implementation.  Possible accommodations may include, but are not limited to, tape recorders, note takers for class lectures, audio textbooks, sign language interpreters, and alternative testing.

FM’s Office of Accessibility is a National Voter Registration Act site.  All forms to register are available in the Accessibility Services office in N-107.  Click here for forms and additional information.