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Armstrong, John J.

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John J. Armstrong
Assistant Professor

Department: Criminal Justice

Phone Extension: 8151
(518) 736-FMCC (3622)

Building: N 107K

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John J. ArmstrongJohn began his criminal justice career in 1977 at the Connecticut Department of Correction as a Correction Officer. He held other various positions while there including Treatment Officer, Rehabilita-tion Service Officer, Lieutenant Investigator, Administrative Captain, Captain, Major, Warden, District Director, Deputy Commissioner, and finally retiring in 2003 as Commissioner.

After retirement, John spent one year as a Subject Matter Expert/Advisor for the Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority, Ministry of Justice, Republican Palace, Baghdad, Iraq. In this position, John developed requirements and specifications for the construction of new prison facilities and trained, mentored, coached, and developed Iraqi Corrections Personnel in a variety of roles. A couple years later, John served as Corrections Project Manager at The Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization in West Virginia.

In 1983, John became an adjunct faculty member at Naugatuck Valley Community College in Waterbury, Connecticut where he continues to teach Introduction to Criminal Justice and Crime Scene Investigation. It was in September 2007 that John began his full-time teaching career at FM.

John belongs to a number of professional affiliations including American Correctional Association, Association of State Correctional Administrators, Connecticut Prison and Jail Overcrowding Commission, Juvenile Offender Program Evaluation Advisory Board, Narcotics Enforcement and Crime Control Committee, past president of Northeast Association of Correctional Administrators, just to name a few. He has received numerous achievement awards, certificates of recognition, and plaques of appreciation throughout the years as well.

John earned an A.S. in Criminal Justice, a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration, and a M.S. in Criminal Justice all from the University of New Haven.