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Vision & Mission Statement

About FM

An education that will take you as far as you want to go.


Vision & Mission Statement


Fulton-Montgomery Community College’s mission is to deliver higher education through accessible and equitable learning opportunities that empowers our diverse student body to meet their academic and career goals.  FM is committed to fostering partnerships that will encourage stronger community relations and provide transformative learning experiences.


Fulton-Montgomery Community College – the community’s college – works to improve the lives of the various populations it serves and is devoted to offering remarkable, high-quality learning experiences that meet the needs of its students in an always transforming world.

Core Values – EMPOWER

Empower our faculty, staff, and our students through opportunities, integrity, and a commitment to growth.

Empower our stakeholders through diversity, inclusion, engagement, participation, and partnership.

Empower our community through accessible, high quality, and relevant education.


E – Empathy – Attentive listening, speaking honestly, embracing cultural differences, and having compassion for divergent perspectives and opinions.

M – Mindfulness – Through critical analysis and integrity, embrace social justice and value the life, hopes, and dreams of everyone in our society without judgement and with kindness.

P – Perseverance – Commitment to growth and inner strength by continuing forward and remaining focused on a goal, idea, or obligation.

O – Opportunity – Seek and promote creative, equitable experiences that support personal growth and learning in a global society.

W – Wellbeing – Foster a safe climate of belonging, happiness, and mind- body connectedness as a diverse community that encourages learning from each other.

E – Engagement – Cultivate positive relationships and partnerships to deliver 21st  century knowledge, skills, and competencies that support an equitable student experience.

R – Relevance – Collective attention to ever evolving student and community needs.