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Institutional Assessment

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Institutional Assessment

Culture of Quality

FM is focused upon its Vision to be recognized as a model community college that offers quality education, excellence in student support, innovative approaches, and programs that reflect the institutional values.  At the core of these values is for the college to promote a quality environment, one that is committed to excellence.  Additionally, central to meeting the institution’s strategic goals and mission is fostering a culture of betterment.  Assessments and documenting evidence allows  the institution to continually modify plans, expenditures, and goals  to improve and sustain a high quality learning environment.
In spring 2015, FM adopted an Institutional Effectiveness Plan that documents all levels and types of assessment processes and systems implemented by faculty and staff of the college.  Results from these assessments are used in the ongoing planning of college activities and initiatives.  FM has embraced a culture of transparency and invites you to view its assessment results in many forms in the next section of this page, a Culture of Evidence.

Culture of Evidence

Institution level

FM’s Institutional Learning Outcomes Framework


 Program/Unit level
 Course level
  • At the course level, each academic course has a three year assessment plan that identifies the rotation for which it will be assessed.  The assessment results are submitted by faculty who teach the course, including full-time, part-time, and concurrent course faculty in the high schools.  This allows for a manageable, cyclical rotation where course data is being submitted every semester as evidence. Division chairs use the collected course data to engage in conversations with faculty of the program about curriculum and program related topics.
  • Course assessment process

Assessment Resources

Professional Development Presentations

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Questions or comments related to the information on this page may be directed to:
Jackie Snyder, Coordinator of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation, MSCHE Accreditation Liaison Officer
JSnyder@fmcc.edu or 518-736-3622 Ext:  8936