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Board Objectives 2015-2017

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Board Objectives 2015-2017

Based on the FM Board of Trustee’s (BOT) 2014-2015 self-evaluation and discussions about the results during a subsequent BOT workshop, the following objectives have been identified to be addressed in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017:

BOT objectives for 2015-2017

  1. Increase opportunities to interact with students on campus. (BOT Goals I, II)
    • Host 4 themed student events annually
    • Update BOT calendar to include student events held on campus
  2. Continually monitor BOT meeting efficiencies (BOT Goal V)
    • Adjust order of agenda items
    • Appoint BOT liaisons to meet the needs of the board and college
  3. Monitor policy changes for effectiveness (BOT Goal IV)
    • Hiring policy
  4. Ongoing advocacy for the institution by the BOT (BOT Goals II, III)
    • Provide BOT meeting agendas online
    • Invite county officials to campus functions
    • Build relationships with stakeholders

Collectively as a board, progress on each of the objectives will be reported at a BOT meeting no less than once per academic semester.  The progress will be documented in the BOT minutes.