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Board of Trustee Goals and Objectives

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Board of Trustee Goals and Objectives

Board of Trustee Goals (Adopted December 18, 2014)

Student Success

  • Provide leadership to support the educational goals and access for our students.
  • Support efforts to promote effective practices that address college readiness and student retention.


  • Provide leadership as the college engages with the community to address issues, challenges, and opportunities of mutual interest and concern.
  • Promote community connectivity to support economic impact.
  • Cultivate and celebrate diversity on the campus and in the surrounding community.

Fiscal Stewardship

  • Review, discuss, and approve annual college budget.
  • Monitor budget and maintain due diligence related to fiscal responsibility.

 Institutional Quality & Effectiveness

  • Monitor progress of meeting the Strategic Goals and Mission of FMCC
  • Monitor progress toward meeting MSCHE accreditation standards.
  • Monitor implementation of comprehensive plans (e.g. Academic, Facilities Master, Technology, Student Affairs ….)
  • Participate in Strategic Planning, Budget Planning, and accreditation processes.

 Board of Trustee Effectiveness

  • Provide orientation and mentorship for new Trustees.
  • Foster constructive working relationships with all Trustees that results in the Board functioning as a team.
  • Engage in professional development.
  • Conduct regular self-evaluations and evaluation of BOT Goals.
  • Develop, implement and assess college policies that support the Mission.

Objectives for 2015-2017