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Individual Studies Program at Fulton Montgomery Community College – Create your Degree!

Posted: March 25, 2022 — Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to create a degree that will allow you to learn precisely what you want to land the exact job you are looking for? The Individual Studies Program at Fulton Montgomery Community College does just that!

Individual Studies: Collaborative Career Learning (COCAL) program is a distinctive method of focused career training that combines off-campus “hands-on” experience with on campus related instruction. On-campus study is selected to relate to the specific career area where you will work with dedicated professors many of whom have worked in the area that they teach. The participating business or industry and the college advisor closely monitor off-campus experience.

You pick the job title and together with the COCAL advisor will create the perfect learning plan to ensure that you acquire the skills you need to fulfill the job requirements in your chosen field. All certificate and degree programs are specifically designed to develop the skills employers are looking for. The classroom lessons and activities along with off-campus training provide students with a unique learning experience.

Here are what two of our current students said about this program. Glen – Cultivation Technician said “The certificate program offered by FMCC has given me many skills to take into the workforce with me. I was taught basic cultivation techniques in hydroponics class to learn the best possible ways to provide different plants with an environment they will thrive in. I went on to complete a 180- hour internship at Vireo Health of Johnstown’s state of the art cultivation facility. While there I gained a lot of knowledge and hands on experience working with Cannabis plants from seed/clone to harvest. Working there made me realize that I have a passion for working with this plant. The second required 180-hour internship was at a greenhouse in Dolgeville that specializes in African Violets and Unique house plants. This location is called Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses. Here I am learning the propagation techniques to create more violet variations to be shipped all over the world. I was even able to obtain part time employment there while finishing the certificate program. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get the hands-on experience and knowledge needed to jump headfirst into New York State’s up and coming cannabis industry.”

Miriam – Phlebotomist said “This program has had a positive impact on my life, studies, and career. The program has taught me many things about myself. It helped reach my goals, know my strengths, and develop my skills. At my clinical site. I learned to be part of a team and the essential skills necessary to further my career as a phlebotomist. These skills I have learned have helped in my college courses and to gain practical experience. The program has benefited me by creating a network of people that will help us when applying for a job. I am very grateful for the program and have been hired by Nathan Littauer Hospital as Phlebotomist. This program has helped me personally, professionally, and financially.

Here is an example of certificate program we have created for Dental Assistant:

Dental Assistant– 1-year Certificate Program – SAMPLE PROGRAM

Assist dentist, set up patient and equipment, and keep records.
Note: Completion of the program does not constitute certification.

Fall Semester

HLT101 Introduction to Allied Health -2
HLT138 Health Care Provider CPR -1

MED283 Medical Terminology -3
CLC111 – Career Success – 1
CLC101 – Collaborative Career Learning I – 8
Training at a local business 12 hours per week (180 hours per semester.)
Total Credits – 15

Spring Semester

CIS105 – Computer Applications – 3
SCI136 – Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology -3

HLT111 – Introduction to Patient Care – 1
CLC112 – Career Search – 1
CLC102 – Collaborative Career Learning II – 8
Training at a local business 12 hours per week (180 hours per semester.)
Total Credits – 16

We also have 2-year AOS degrees that require 60-62 credits.

Summer and fall 2022 registration opens on March 28th. Call today to get started! The telephone number is (518) 736-FMCC (3622) extension 8944 or email Charlene.Dybas@fmcc.edu.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

This article was written Charlene Dybas, Assistant Professor of Business Technology Applications.

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