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New Year, New Opportunities… New You!

Posted: January 14, 2022 — Traditionally, January has been a time of reflection on our past and planning for new beginnings. We dream of the opportunity to do and be better. How many times have we made a commitment to change our lives by losing weight and exercising more only to have these resolutions fall to the wayside by mid-February? Change can be difficult to sustain. Perhaps it’s because this superficial change is not meaningful to us thereby, making the change not “worth” our efforts? Perhaps it’s time to make a bigger change, one that will create the opportunity to find the “new me” we all seek during this month? Maybe it’s time to explore a path to a new life through a college degree from Fulton Montgomery Community College.

You may be thinking that sounds great but wonder where to begin and how to find someone to help you in this process. The Opportunity Programs at FMCC are the perfect place to find your path to a “new you.” Opportunity Programs are federally and New York State funded programs that assist a select group of students to achieve their dream of a college degree. The students we assist are those who are first in their family to attend college (defined as having neither parent who completed a 4-year college degree), are qualified economically and are eligible for financial aid or who have a mental, physical or learning disability. Prospective students who meet any of those qualifications are eligible for our services and the help we provide.

What services can you expect to find through participation in our Opportunity Programs? First we help students decide what type of degree program and career path is right for them. We uncover your strengths and areas you need help with and create a roadmap for your success. We also help you to complete your financial aid application, explain various funds you may be eligible for and search for any scholarships to help you pay for your education. We have a full-service tutoring space and learning lab on the second floor of the library. Here in our “TRiO Penthouse” we offer students study space, tutoring, use of computers and copiers or the chance to just “chill” between classes and during lunchtime. Most importantly as an Opportunity Program student you will forge a relationship with our counselors who will be there to celebrate with you when things go well and also offer a shoulder to cry on when life turns upside down. We like to say, “we are your family on campus.”

Are you ready for this New Year filled with new opportunities for a “new you?” If you answer that question with a “yes” skip that fad diet and explore something deeper. Let the Opportunity Programs at FMCC help you with that journey. For more information and an application to our programs contact Jean Karutis, Director Student Support Services at 518-736-3622 ext. 8904 or via email at jkarutis@fmcc.edu.

This article was written by Jean Karutis, Director of Student Support Services at FMCC.

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