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Improve your workforce specialization with a micro-credential from FMCC

Posted: October 1, 2021 — Education is certainly one of the most important things to highlight on a resume and there are many ways to do that.  Of course, a college degree or diploma is the obvious attainment that many people strive for, but that is not everyone’s goal.  There are also those who already have a degree and are in the workforce, but need to enhance their skills or gain knowledge in a completely different field if they are looking for a career change or promotion.  Aside from Associate degrees and Certificate programs, FM also offers micro-credentials that can strengthen your skill set, teach a new skill set, and certainly strengthen your resume to keep you current and competitive in the workforce.

According to the SUNY website, “At the most basic level, micro-credentials verify, validate, and attest that specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved.” While micro-credentials are smaller than a degree or certificate, students are gaining knowledge and skill sets that are relevant to their educational and professional goals.  At FM, micro-credentials are made up of a series of between two and four credit bearing courses. After successfully completing these courses, students will earn a “badge” in any number of areas including: Accounting and Finance, Computer Science, Medical Coding, Medical Office Representative, Chemical Abuse Counseling, Multiculturalism and Diversity, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Psychology of Criminal Behavior, among many others.  Badges are visual endorsements of mastery and verify the achievement of particular proficiencies.

While earning a micro-credential, not only are individuals earning college credit, they are developing professionally – something that employers like to see.  Professional development shows motivation, willingness to improve or learn new skills, and builds credibility.  Keeping your skills current will keep your resume current and allow students to set themselves apart by showcasing a mastery of a specific skill set which can complement their already chosen field or prove knowledge of a completely new skill set.  Staying current with new and ever- changing trends in many sectors of the workforce can give individuals confidence when interviewing or when taking on a new role.

Credits earned while completing a badge can also be applied to certificate or degree programs at FM or easily transferred.  Many students begin at FM with the intention of only taking a class or two, but then realize their potential.  Starting slow with a few classes and earning a micro-credential badge may lead to a degree for many students even if it wasn’t their initial plan; they motivate students to persist and allow students to realize their potential for earning not only “badges,” but certificates or degrees. No matter what your goal, learning a new skill is invaluable and once you earn a credential, it can never be taken away.

For more information on micro-credentials or any of FM’s certificate or degree programs, contact the Admissions Office at 518-736 3622 ext. 8301.

This article was written by Andrea Scribner,  FMCC’s Academic Advisor, Articulation and Career Specialist

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