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Tougher Times Increase Importance of Career Minded Education

Posted: September 18, 2020 — This is a challenging time in all communities across this state, as well as our country.  This pandemic has been testing everyone to break free from their comfort zone, to adapt to an ever changing situation.  At FM, we can provide a safety net for our community.  One way to overcome a difficult situation is to move forward and take control. Having FM close to home during this unprecedented situation allows you to take the next step and rewrite your path to success.  A career minded education can help you learn a specific needed skill within the community.

Almost 80% of all careers require education or training beyond a general high school education.  In fact, prospective students for many of the high growth careers get those jobs by attending a community college like FM.  Our health care, manufacturing, business and computer programs have adapted to this pandemic and are teaching our students to be successful in some of the biggest growth fields in our state.

The job market is tougher than it has been in years; this can lend students to have doubts and fears about attending in the first place.  The fact of the matter is a college education needs to be looked at in a smart way.   At FM, we have the benefit of being a small college to allow for more personalized attention.  Let our counselors, professors, and staff assist you in finding the best career path for you.  Do not just choose a major like you would go to a store and impulse buy a new outfit.  Do your research on what the education would entail, as well as what the career outlook is for when you would graduate.

We hear many misconceptions when we talk to prospective students who are looking to attend FM.  One of the biggest comes from our adult learner population.  I can honestly say FM has students of all ages attending our various programs. Recent high school graduates do make up a large part of our population.  But, students also attend who are in many different stages of their lives.  We welcome the person looking for a second degree.  We welcome the person whose children are finally old enough to go to school, allowing them to gain education with the goal to seek employment.  We welcome the person who needs to improve their skills to get that promotion at work.

As an adult learner, the transition to college can be easier if you understand your ultimate goal.  You will benefit from many services along the way to aide you in completing your goal.  FM can help you stay both motivated to succeed and academically successful through the various support services that we offer.

Employers want FM graduates.  These employers hire FM graduates every day.  You may have seen and worked with our graduates.  Graduates are all over the capital region and beyond.  Our college works directly with employers to train the local workforce.

FM is your community college and we are the community’s college.  We are accessible, even in these tough times.  Please reach out to our admissions office to get started.  We will be happy to discuss your career goals and work to give you the best recipe for success; not only at FM but wherever life leads you beyond your education.   You can call us at 518-736-FMCC, Ext. 8301.  Don’t wait another minute.  Let us help you get your plans in place to begin in the spring semester at FM, which starts at the end of January.

This article was written by Daniel Fogarty, Admissions Counselor at FM.

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