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FM Offers Physical Education and Sports Management Major

Posted: March 13, 2020 — The Physical Education and Sport Management (PESM) major at Fulton-Montgomery Community College (FM) gives students the opportunity to experience and explore many different exciting career paths.  Students will take classes that expose them to life as a teacher, coach, athletic trainer, personal trainer, and what it’s like to work in the over 200-billion-dollar sport business industry.  The opportunities are endless, and it all begins at FM.

The PESM major gives students the flexibility to tailor a program of classes that allows students to decide what direction they want to go.  Some will move towards a fulfilling field of education and teaching.  Others toward the exciting business and marketing in all sports including, extreme sports and E-sports.  While at FM, students will also take an assortment of liberal arts classes rounding them into productive citizens regardless of the direction their education takes them.

Faculty who teach in this program of study at FM have over 30 years teaching experience and are certified athletic trainers, PhD’s in the fields of health and human performance, owners of sports training facilities, and strength and conditioning specialists. The faculty has worked with and trained athletes at all levels. They are able to bring to the classroom their educational expertise and real-life career experiences.  FM faculty are well prepared to help make your goals a reality.

If you are looking for the careers that allow you to work in education or with amateur, collegiate, or professional athletes, to work in sport communications, sponsorship, advertising, on college campuses, or with professional sport organizations then FM is a great place to start.  Contact the Admissions Office for more information and guidance on how to apply.

This article was written by Tom Rogan, Ph.D., Associate Professor at FM.

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