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Packaging and Label Design at FM

Posted: November 27, 2019 — Global markets today rely on a multitude of industrial packaging containers that protect manufactured goods during shipping and handling. In 2019 an estimated 56.1 billion worth of package containers were used for shipping.

Highlights of the October 2019 study published by Smithers PIRA report entitled The Future of Industrial Packaging to 2024 established that the value of the world’s packaging will be worth $66 billion by the year 2024, resulting in a 3.2% annual growth rate dependent upon future global economics. Industrial and commercial packaging includes metal, plastic, rigid crates, boxes made from cellulose fiber and other materials.

The report highlights the environmental impact of reducing waste by recovering and reusing shipping containers. For example, sustainability and current EU regulations and legislative initiatives called for the reduction of resins used to manufacture large plastic drums and the elimination of certain plastic wastes by 2030. There have been advances in smart logistics, safety and fresh food transport as well as innovations in polymer plastics and research improvements for safer plastics. This global market includes our local populations. The products consumers purchase locally and from the internet contribute to the increase demand for packaged goods.

Regionally, Quad/Graphics is a leader in printing and publishing. Quad does not only print magazines but has diversified its business by offering packaging and structural design services. Quad also provides a variety of services such as ad campaign strategies, interactive design and adaptative responsive design.

According to Quad/Graphics, “Millennials will spend $65 billion on consumer-packaged goods over the next decade, which makes them one of the most important cohorts for grocery stores and retailers.”

 At FM, the Media Arts And Digital Technology program focuses on graphic design. The program offers courses such as DMT 140, Digital Publishing, and the newly created DMT 135, Integrated Digital Production And Design, as key freshmen design courses and building blocks for the media arts degree.

Students enrolled in DMT 135 learn the history of label and packaging design and current concepts for successful branding of a product. They learn about the structural design of a package or label; the materials used for packaging, types of plastics and corrugated paperboard. They study the differences of plastic resin and their identification codes. The importance of designing products for life-cycle assessments and sustainability is taught through diagrams, case studies and discussions.

Students learn the fundamental legal and regulatory roles of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Human Services (HHS) and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Relevant to today’s problems with counterfeiting and the legalities of intellectual property, the basics of trademarks, copyrights, patents and registered designs, trade secrets and confidentiality are discussed.

Global markets today are moving quickly into the next decade. It will take talented creative and innovative individuals and team players to design products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable for future generations. For further information, http://whattheythink.com/, https://www.quad.com/solutions/

This article was written by Joseph A. Marcuccio, Professor, Media Arts And Digital Technology
Fulton-Montgomery Community College. 

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