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FM Honors Veterans Past & Present and Remembers Everyone Deployed

Posted: November 4, 2019 — Each year, during the month of November, it’s easy for most of us to get caught up in holiday preparations for Thanksgiving and the Holiday season.  During times of peace, we often forget that America still has military men and women deployed in various countries all over the world.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense website (June 2019), our military is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, with over 170,000 active duty military serving inside and outside of the U.S. and its territories. In non-combat times, U.S. personnel are usually deployed as part of peacekeeping missions.

To raise awareness on our campus that we still have active military deployed and away from their families and friends, FM staff members are honoring these brave men and women by wearing RED shirts on Fridays during the month of November.  RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed.  One of our student Veterans had suggested this idea during a Veteran Club meeting and the participation has been overwhelmingly positive. Moira Samek, VA Certifying Benefits Officer, had this reaction. “We expected that at least a handful of staff members would buy a special ordered RED shirt from the club to help support them, but we did not imagine that this many of our staff would want to get involved.”  To see so many of us this first Friday of November who are dressed in our RED shirts proudly supporting our military, is very moving.  And every day we have had more staff stopping by our office or calling us to ask if they can still participate for the remainder of Fridays in November. We’re hoping that our students see their instructors and advisors wearing this RED – Remember Everyone Deployed – message and that they will join us on these upcoming Fridays too.”

During the month of November and in honor of Veterans Day, FM tries to pay special attention to our Veterans on campus.  Annually, since, 2013, the Veteran Club and the Student Senate Association sponsor a complimentary luncheon for our students and staff who have served.  Following lunch, the group visits the Vietnam Memorial on campus, which is open to the public and located near the Visitor Parking lot, next the 9/11 Memorial. The Vietnam Memorial lists the names of the 37 men from Fulton and Montgomery County who were killed during the Vietnam War. FM’s campus is adorned with flags during November as well, and we welcome visitors to come to our campus visit these important sites and pay their respect.

Fulton-Montgomery Community College is honored to have Veterans choose our campus to study and learn, while sharing their great experience and perspective with us. Thank you to all – past and present – who have served in the military, and to their families as well, for your sacrifice.  Honor a Veteran this month by saying Thank You for Your Service.

 This article was written by Christie Davis, Early Admission Liaison and Academic Advisor at FM. 

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