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New Exhibit Featured at FM’S Perrella Gallery

Posted: October 8, 2019As If…/NOT, part 2 (Sisyphus’s Folly)As If…/NOT, part 2 (Sisyphus’s Folly)

An installation by Abraham Ferraro October 4 –December 13, 2019

A new exhibition at FMCC’s Perrella Gallery, titled As If…/NOT, part 2 (Sisyphus’s Folly) by artist Abraham Ferraro is now on display in at FMCC’s Perrella Gallery. The exhibition features a large scale mixed- media gallery installation which is a first for the Perrella Gallery.

The installation, Ferraro’s largest to date, nearly 13’ tall and 26 ‘ wide, is an interactive assemblage of a wide variety of materials that gives the  illusion of an immense mound of electric cords, wires, lights and notably large electrical switches and buttons that invite viewers to operate to see what happens. This installation at the Perrella Gallery is a part of a series that Ferraro has created in other galleries nationally and regionally as part of his The Light Switch Series. These interactive installations and sculptures allow the viewer to activate the art, thereby making the ART, or in some cases declares the work NOT ART. The work utilizes irony and sarcasm in making a point that the act of making art is anything but flipping a switch….except in this case, says Ferraro.

As part of the installations title, Ferraro makes a reference to Sisyphus, a famous figure from Greek mythology who was a king that cheated death and fooled the gods and was subsequently punished by the gods for his treachery and sentenced to push a giant boulder up a mountain, only to have it roll down the mountain once he reached its summit.  This task would have to be repeated over and over for eternity. Ferraro uses this metaphor to describe the process of creating art.  Making art is a never ending process to create and recreate, and sometimes it is folly, as the process and final product may have no practical purpose, yet is personally a necessary act.

Ferraro is a graduate from SUNY Fredonia and received his MFA degree from SUNY Albany and has exhibited his work internationally, nationally and extensively in New York State, with 23 solo performances/exhibitions.

An artist’s reception will feature a gallery talk by the artist on Friday, Oct.18th, from 2-4 pm and then repeated again at 6-8 pm .The event is free, all are welcome. Light refreshments will be served. The exhibit will run thru Friday December 13, 2019.

The Perrella Gallery hours are:  Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm., or by appointment. Closed weekends and Holidays. For further information call the Perrella Gallery Director Joel Chapin at (518) 736-3622, Ext. 8977 or Ext. 8879.

This article was written by Joel Chapin, Professor & Director of the Perrella Gallery at Fulton-Montgomery Community College.

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