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Earn Your Marketing Degree at FM

Posted: September 30, 2019 — Are you looking for an exciting degree that gives you a variety of career options? Then a marketing degree is for you.  You can put your creative and communication skills to work with a marketing degree.  Marketing graduates work as Admissions Representatives, Brand/Product Managers, Event/Meeting Planners, Market Research Analysts, Social Media Managers, Sales Representatives and many more stimulating careers. Business is one of the most popular degrees to study in college and reasons for this attraction is that business includes many pathways from human resources, accounting, finance, management, entrepreneurship and marketing. All companies want to sell more of their product and maintain great customer relationships. These organizations achieve these goals by developing marketing plans and setting sales goals. Organizations develop these plans by hiring employees with a resume that highlights the skills and course work included in the FM marketing degree. The FM marketing degree teaches students a wide range of advertising and selling skills while complementing the fundamental proficiencies that all businesses are looking for that include critical thinking and customer service. Students don’t always know what they want to study at college so they often decide on business. Business is a great choice as there are many pathways that meet a variety of student’s skills and interests.

E-business, digital and multi-channel marketing are the future of marketing careers. Multi-channel marketing can include “brick, click and flip” sales channels, as many retail businesses have more than one point of sale with their customers. The ‘brick’ can mean a traditional high street store front. ‘Click’ refers to a website or mobile application purchase and describes the e-business model. ‘Flip’ describes the traditional print medium, such as a catalog.  Marketing is an exciting career that is constantly changing and therefore it is often said that the best marketing channels are yet to be discovered. FM’s Marketing Program is designed to prepare students with the skills needed to work in the competitive field of business marketing that include but are not limited to customer relationship management, marketing, social media, and e-commerce.

If you would like to learn more about obtaining your degree in the creative and dynamic field of marketing, or any of the business programs offered through the FM business division please contact Mark Swain mark.swain@fmcc.suny.edu, Charlene Dybas charlene.dybas@fmcc.suny.edu or Business Division Chair, Alexandra Henderson alexandra.henderson@fmcc.suny.edu.

This article was written by Dr. Mark Swain, Assistant Professor of Business and Accounting at Fulton-Montgomery Community College.

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