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Health Information Records Management – “It became my-passion”

Posted: August 30, 2019 — Today there is a great deal of talk about whether the cost of college is worth the investment.  Here is what Hana, a Fulton Montgomery Community College graduate recently had to say about this topic. “When I enrolled in the Medical Administration Program (now the Health Information Records Management Program) at FM, I was not quite sure where the new path was going to lead me. I only knew I needed a change. Everything became clear my second semester, when I took the medical coding class. It became my passion. I started my first job in the medical field shortly after I graduated. I became certified in medical coding two years later. After that, I started to look for a job as a coder. I sent out seven resumes which landed me five interviews and two job offers. I found out that there is quite a demand for the profession. I believe that my investment in the new career was the right choice.” There are many stories just like Hana’s from FM graduates. FM is an affordable way to jump start a new career.

As the health care field continues to grow, our College focuses on the skill sets needed for our graduates to gain employment. At FM, faculty are in touch with area employers on an annual basis to find out what careers and occupations are in demand as well as what critical work-based skills are expected of new employees. This consistent communication ensures that our program and course curriculum remain aligned with workplace trends and technology.

The Health Information Records Management (HIRM) Associates degree at Fulton Montgomery Community College is designed to prepare you for a successful career in healthcare.  The program’s requirements contain the necessary courses to help prepare you to sit for the coding certification test just like Hana did. Health Information Records Management program provides course work in medical terminology, medical insurance, essentials of anatomy and physiology, and medical coding. In addition, you will take courses in medical office procedures, introduction to patient care, and an internship that provides valuable skills for today’s medical office environment. Alyssa, another recent graduate said “Being in the Medical Administrative Assistant program, (now HIRM) taught me that it takes patience, consistency, and dedication to be a good medical administrative assistant. The classes that you take are amazing and very helpful when it comes to learning the skills you need to be successful in health care administration. I was happy with my decision and it benefitted in ways that I didn’t even think of! My class schedule was very manageable and having an onsite day care option was especially nice having given birth to a newborn towards the end of my degree. It also helped me to find a good job to provide for my family. I would do it all over again! “

Would you like to be a part of the growing health care industry, but direct patient care is not for you?  FM’s Health Information Records Management program is just what you are looking for. Call us today at 518-736-3622 (FMCC) or visit our website at FMCC.edu and our admissions office will help you get started!  Our fall semester starts on Wednesday, September 4th!

This article was written by Charlene Dybas, Assistant Professor  at FM. 

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