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Gateway to FM

Posted: August 27, 2019 — As has been noted in previous articles, the Evans Library at FM provides students, faculty, staff, and the community with materials and services that support teaching and learning.  The library houses a variety of print and electronic resources that help our users succeed in their studies, faculty members provide research assistance and subject-specific tutoring, and there are a number of different learning spaces for patrons looking to study either with a group or to work independently.

However, like many libraries around the country, we also know that one other important function of any library is to preserve the past. And so in addition to the regional history we collect which showcase Fulton and Montgomery county history, the library has recently begun to preserve the college’s history and to make available those resources which are unique in our campus and therefore unavailable elsewhere.  This was done by digitizing FM’s two student-produced newspapers – the FM Gateway and the Raider Times – and placing them in DSpace (https://dspace.sunyconnect.suny.edu/), an online repository sponsored by the State University of New York (SUNY). One hundred twenty-nine articles were added to the repository – One hundred four Gateways with publication dates from 1970-1973 and 2002-2017 and twenty-four Raider Times, published for three years from 1987-1989. Over the past academic year, staff, particularly the library’s student aides and volunteers from local high schools, have been adding this content, which includes scanned images of the newspapers as well as data that provides viewers with the ability to search for specific articles, particular staff writers and editors, and sometimes even unique campus events.

And what sorts of things can be found in these online issues? Let’s take a look at the oldest edition of the Gateway which was published in December 1970 and see what was in the news: Winter Residency (classes offered in January which were student-suggested!), a speech on CIA control by Mort Sahl, thoughts on the “military machine”, the Drama Guild’s production of “Blood Wedding” and sports news of “Fab’s Fleas” hosting the first Raider Invitational. Other issues from the 1970’s document the news of the days and what was happening on campus: speakers and entertainers such as Dick Gregory, Kris Kristofferson, and Pat Paulsen and national issues such as the draft, pollution, and politics which included a talk by Congressman Samuel Stratton about Viet Nam and gives his quote “We are winning the war.”

In more current editions from the 2000’s you can find stories of new presidents, faculty retirements, student government, and campus sports  including swimming, wrestling, golf, cross-country, soccer, and basketball. Other news includes campus activities such as Spring fling with subs, games, blood drive, Laser Tag, pool tournament, as articles which highlight campus life such as the Library’s ghost Luci, wireless computing, student clubs, and international students – all designed to keep students informed about what’s happening on their campus.

I’ve highlighted only a few of the items found in the many papers that are now available to the world via this new online repository and I can promise you there are many more articles out there waiting for you.  Go online and take a look yourself at:  https://tinyurl.com/fmstudentnews

 The author of this article is Mary Donohue, Professor and Library Director at FM.

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