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Chem Student Tour Townsend Leather

Posted: April 25, 2018

Kneeling l-r: Michelle Moore (C-STEP Coordinator), students Michelle Ferraino, Alexia Brunetto and Jordan Colley

Kneeling l-r: Michelle Moore (C-STEP Coordinator), students Michelle Ferraino, Alexia Brunetto, and Jordan Colley
Standing l-r: Trish Martin (Townsend Leather), Students Amanda Cuccinello, Michael Brown, Nitara Jackson, Breanna Viscosi, Joline Hall, Laurie Lazinski (Assistant Professor), Student Tyler Hart, Taslim Yousaf (Townsend Leather), and Pamela Goldswer (Townsend Leather)

FM’s General Chemistry II and C-STEP students, along with Chemistry Assistant Professor Laurie Lazinski and C-STEP Counselor Michelle Moore, attended a tour of Townsend Leather in Johnstown.

According to Lazinski, “In order to show students the use of chemistry in the real world, we like to partner with our local businesses and bring our students to them. At Townsend Leather, students saw the process that leather goes through to be dyed, dried, softened, embossed and finished.  They toured the quality control area which tests for strength, flammability and wear of the leather. Students witnessed a burn test to determine if the leather meets the aviation standard for flammability.  A lot of problem solving is involved to dye the leather to the customer’s specifications.  It’s important for our students to see and hear this so that they know what will be expected of them when they enter the workforce.”

“We are thankful to have a company so close and willing to open their doors to us,” said Moore. “There is a good chance that some of our students can find employment in the wet division at Townsend Leather after successful completion of the General Chemistry sequence and a two year degree from FM.”

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