Get it Done Thursdays

You’re almost there, but there’s a few things to check off the list before you start at FM. Take care of it in a single day.

  • Waived $40 tuition deposit 
  • English Placement 
  • Schedule Classes 
  • Financial Aid 
  • Student ID 

Free FM earbudsWe are hosting a special on-campus event every Thursday this Summer to help students take care of everything they need to get registered for Fall classes. Plus, all attendees will receive FREE FM earbuds during the month of June!

Not accepted yet? No problem! You can apply for admission, so bring your transcript!

Available start times are 9:00, 10:00, or 11:00am so you can “Get It Done” and get on with your day.

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Make you appointment for Get It Done Thursdays
  • Choose a morning appointment time so you can “Get It Done” and get on with your day. Upon arrival, stop at the Admissions Office located in the Student Welcome Center.
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Call or text us to make an appointment if you need to come on a different day of the week.

Not accepted yet? Apply online today ›