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Student Services

At FM we offer a variety of services and specialized programs to assist you with fulfilling your academic and career objectives.

Fulton Montgomery Community College, in conjunction with St. Mary’s Healthcare, offers registered students the benefit of individual mental health counseling with a licensed therapist. Counseling is confidential, and there are no out of pocket expenses for the student. The goal of counseling is to enhance the psychological well being of students, as they complete their academic careers.

Students who are visiting the counseling office may be seeking assistance with depression, anxiety, life transitions, stress management, or identity issues, among others. Students can refer themselves by completing a referral form, located outside the counseling office (N107F) in the student development department. Once the referral is complete, the student can place it in the confidential/locked mailbox and the counselor will call the student to set up an intake appointment.

*Students who are in immediate crisis, contemplating suicide, or feel in danger of hurting themselves should contact 911 or go to their nearest hospital*

St Mary’s Healthcare also offers a variety of other services that students and their families may find beneficial. St Mary’s Healthcare is the primary behavioral health provider in Fulton and Montgomery County, offering resources that include inpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment, outpatient addiction services, hotline and emergency care, along with day habilitation and treatment programs. St. Mary’s adult mental health clinic also offers appointments with our psychiatrists for those who are interested in seeking guidance regarding the use of medication. For further information about St. Mary’s Healthcare, students can go to or contact the hospital at (518) 842-1900 to inquire about specific departments.

FM’s Office of Accessibility is a National Voter Registration Act site. All forms to register are available in the Accessibility Service office in N-107 C. You can also go here for forms and additional information: