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Early Admission Students

Alysha Barker

“I really enjoyed the Early Admit Program. It was exactly what I was hoping for my senior year. All of my professors were great and very helpful. In my classes, I actually felt like I was learning something useful, and they were just challenging enough to keep my interest without being too difficult.” Alysha Barker - Mayfield High School graduate 2011

What can an above average high school senior do for a challenge after already fulfilling most requirements for high school graduation by the end of junior year? By senior year, many students’ only remaining graduation requirements are 12th grade English, social studies, and physical education. Students might choose Fulton-Montgomery Community College’s Early Admission Program and begin college while still in high school.

Early admission students receive high school and college credit simultaneously. The purpose of early admission is to allow advanced high school seniors who have completed the majority of their high school requirements the opportunity to challenge themselves and start college early.

To be eligible for the Early Admissions program, the student must rank within the top half of their graduating class and be recommended by their Guidance Counselor or high school Principal to qualify. Students not ranked in the top half of their graduating class but otherwise in good standing may take credit bearing courses for exploration.

For more information about the Early Admit Program please contact Mimi Eglin, FM Admissions Counselor at 518-736-5300 or email her at mimi.eglin@fmcc.suny.edu.

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