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Adult Students

At FM we believe in life long learning and to accomplish this FM offers flexible learning opportunities to suit your busy schedule. Whatever your needs, FM offer three completely online degrees; Liberal Arts and Sciences: General Studies A.A., Business Administration A.S. and Business Administration A.A.S. In addition to online degree programs FM offers other non-traditional programming including: Blended Classes, 7-week courses, Online classes and weekend classes.

Now more than ever, adult learners are returning to college to complete the degree they never finished, start a new career or upgrade their skills to gain promotion within their workplace. Start your future now by applying for admission using our free application for admission.

Links to popular programs for Adult learners:

Important Dates:

Feb 12Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

Feb 12Club Fair 

Feb 12Intramurals 

Feb 13Raiders Basketball vs. Clinton Community College 

Feb 16Spectrum Meeting 

Feb 16Intramurals 

Feb 17Think Peace Club Meeting 

Feb 17Winter Carnival 

Feb 17Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

Feb 17FCA Board of Directors Meeting 

Feb 18Black History Month Cuisine 

Feb 18Raiders Basketball vs. MVCC 

Feb 19Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

Feb 19Intramurals 

Feb 21Microtel Dinner 

Feb 22Community Outreach Club Meeting 

Feb 22Phi Theta Kappa Orientation 

Feb 23Career and Transfer Workshop 

Feb 24Think Peace Club Meeting 

Feb 24Success/EOP Seminar 

Feb 24Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

Feb 25Sushi Rolling 101 

Feb 26Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

Feb 26Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony 

Feb 29Community Outreach Club Meeting 

Mar 1Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Mar 2Think Peace Club Meeting 

Mar 2Career and Transfer Workshop 

Mar 2Success/EOP Seminar 

Mar 2Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

Mar 4ASL Deaf Chat 

Mar 4Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

Mar 7Community Outreach Club Meeting 

Mar 8Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Mar 9Think Peace Club Meeting 

Mar 9Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

Mar 11Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

Mar 11Perrella Gallery’s Public Reception & Artist’s Talk 

Mar 12ASL Deaf Movie 

Mar 14Community Outreach Club Meeting 

Mar 15Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Mar 15Career and Transfer Workshop 

Mar 16Think Peace Club Meeting 

Mar 16Success/EOP Seminar 

Mar 16Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

Mar 16FCA Board of Directors Meeting 

Mar 18Online Registration Begins for Fall 2016 

Mar 28Registration for Fall 2016 

Mar 28Community Outreach Club Meeting 

Mar 29Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Mar 30Think Peace Club Meeting 

Mar 30Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

Apr 1ASL Deaf Chat 

Apr 1Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

Apr 4Community Outreach Club Meeting 

Apr 5Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Apr 6Think Peace Club Meeting 

Apr 6Career and Transfer Workshop 

Apr 6Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

Apr 7Save the Hooch! 

Apr 8Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

Apr 9ASL Deaf Comedy Show 

Apr 11Community Outreach Club Meeting 

Apr 12Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Apr 13Think Peace Club Meeting 

Apr 13Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

Apr 15Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

Apr 18Community Outreach Club Meeting 

Apr 19Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Apr 20Think Peace Club Meeting 

Apr 20Career and Transfer Workshop 

Apr 20Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

Apr 20FCA Board of Directors Meeting 

Apr 22Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

Apr 25Community Outreach Club Meeting 

Apr 26Health Care Reform 101 

Apr 26Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Apr 27Think Peace Club Meeting 

Apr 27Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

Apr 29Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

May 2Community Outreach Club Meeting 

May 3Meditation & Relaxation Time 

May 4Think Peace Club Meeting 

May 4Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

May 6ASL Deaf Chat 

May 6Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

May 9Community Outreach Club Meeting 

May 10Meditation & Relaxation Time 

May 11Last Day of Classes for Spring 2016 Session(classes end at 10 pm) 

May 11Criminal Justice Club Meeting 

May 12Final Exams 

May 13Garden and Trails Club Meeting 

May 13Final Exams 

May 14Final Exams 

May 18FCA Board of Directors Meeting 

May 20Commencement (Evening Event) 

May 27Last day to Register for Summer Day Session I, Summer 8-week Evening Session, and Summer 10-week Session 

May 30Memorial Day – College is Closed 

May 31First Day of Summer Day Session I, Summer 8-week Evening Session, and Summer 10-Week Session 

Jun 1Late Payment Period for Summer Day Session I 

Jun 3ASL Deaf Chat 

Jul 4Independence Day – College is Closed 

Jul 5First Day of Classes for Summer Day II Session 

Jul 5Final Grades Due for Summer Day Session I 

Jul 6Late Payment Period for Day Session II