Current Students

Current Students

Get access to the many services available to you here at FM.


You have made a great decision, now make the most of your college experience.

As a student of FM, you are becoming familiar with all the services and opportunities that are available to you. We hope that you are getting involved and engaged on campus. Have you joined a club yet?  Have you attended at Student Government Association meeting? If you are thinking you would like to get involved, but have not yet made the move, visit the Student Activities Office in the College Union.

Being a member of a campus community carries responsibility.  You are one of about 2,800 students at FM.  As a college, we have made a commitment to embracing civility.  Our civility statement reads:

“FM is committed to fostering an environment of civility. All members of the FM community and visitors have the right to experience and the responsibility to create and maintain an environment of mutual respect and support that is civil in all aspects of human relations. Civility facilitates professional growth and achievement and promotes an environment where each person can reach his or her full potential.”

A college campus is a place designed for the learning community to challenge ideas, embrace change, and learn about the greater world.  Please keep in mind that this is a challenging environment and the views of others matter.  Treat fellow students, faculty, and staff with the same respect that you would like to receive.

On June 20th, we launched a new student information system, which will enhance your overall experience at FM.  One feature, coming soon, is My FM, a student portal that will allow you to access grades, look at billing information, and contains many other features that have not been available to our students in the past.  Stay tuned!

If you find that you are struggling in an academic area, rest assured that FM is committed to helping students be successful.  There are many opportunities for peer or professional tutoring available in the Learning Commons of the Evans Library.  Take an opportunity to visit the Evans Library and ask about our tutoring services.  We want you to be successful here.

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Important Dates:

Oct 25College in the High School Visit! 

Oct 25Army National Guard Table 


Oct 25Sage College Visit 

Oct 25Students of the World Club 

Oct 26Gardens and Trails Club 

Oct 26Word of Grace Meetings 

Oct 26College in the High School Visit! 

Oct 26Learn about Transfers! Get some Tips! 

Oct 26Discussion with President Swanger 

Oct 26Art Guild Club Meeting 

Oct 26Pumpkin Workshop! 

Oct 27Word of Grace Meetings 

Oct 27Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Oct 27Career Fair for the 2016 8th Grade Students 

Oct 27Army Rock Climbing Wall 

Oct 27Election Game Show! 

Oct 27ABLE Meeting 

Oct 27College Senate Meeting 

Oct 27Spectrum Club 

Oct 27Pumpkin Workshop! 

Oct 282nd 5-Week Session Individual Course Withdrawal Deadline 

Oct 28College in the High School Visit! 

Oct 28Res Life Club’s Halloween Dance 

Oct 28Civility Committee Meeting 

Oct 28Wall Street Club Bake Sale 

Oct 31Community Outreach Club 

Oct 31Student Nurses Association Bake Sale 

Oct 31Musicians Club 

Oct 31Think Peace Club 

Oct 31Annual Halloween Parade 

Oct 31ABLE Costume Contest! 

Oct 31College in the High School Visit! 

Nov 1Army Information Table 

Nov 1Pumpkin Workshop! 

Nov 2Gardens and Trails Club 

Nov 2Word of Grace Meetings 

Nov 2SUNY Oneonta Visit 

Nov 2HPOG Meeting 

Nov 2Art Guild Club Meeting 

Nov 2Pumpkin Art Contest! 

Nov 3Word of Grace Meetings 

Nov 3Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Nov 3FM Biz Hub Fundraiser 

Nov 3Cash $$ Cube 

Nov 4Sustainability Committee Meeting 

Nov 5Watch the Lady Raiders and Cheer Them On! 

Nov 5FMCC Men’s Basketball – Home Game! 

Nov 6Daylight Saving Time Ends 

Nov 7Community Outreach Club 

Nov 7Musicians Club 

Nov 8Election Day! 

Nov 9Last Day for Individual Course Withdrawals 

Nov 9Gardens and Trails Club 

Nov 9Word of Grace Meetings 

Nov 9Art Guild Club Meeting 

Nov 10SSA Senate Meeting 

Nov 10Word of Grace Meetings 

Nov 10Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Nov 11Veteran’s Day Holiday 

Nov 14Community Outreach Club 

Nov 14Musicians Club 

Nov 16Gardens and Trails Club 

Nov 16Planned Parenthood 

Nov 16Word of Grace Meetings 

Nov 16Art Guild Club Meeting 

Nov 17Word of Grace Meetings 

Nov 17Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Nov 19Open House! Futures Made. Here. 

Nov 19Let’s Shoot Some More Hoops! 

Nov 19FMCC Women’s Basketball Home Game 

Nov 20Great Day to Watch Live Basketball! 

Nov 20FMCC Women’s Basketball! 

Nov 21Community Outreach Club 

Nov 21Musicians Club 

Nov 222nd 10-Week Session Individual Course Withdrawal Deadline 

Nov 22FMCC Women’s Basketball! 

Nov 23Gardens and Trails Club 

Nov 23Word of Grace Meetings 

Nov 23Art Guild Club Meeting 

Nov 24Thanksgiving Holiday 

Nov 25Thanksgiving Holiday 

Nov 26Thanksgiving Holiday 

Nov 27Thanksgiving Holiday 

Nov 282nd 7-Week Session Individual Course Withdrawal Deadline 

Nov 28Community Outreach Club 

Nov 28Musicians Club 

Nov 30Word of Grace Meetings 

Nov 30Let’s Go Ladies! 

Nov 30Art Guild Club Meeting 

Dec 1Word of Grace Meetings 

Dec 1Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Dec 1The Illusionist by Elena Rossini 

Dec 23rd 5-Week Session Individual Course Withdrawal Deadline 

Dec 2Sustainability Committee Meeting 

Dec 5Community Outreach Club 

Dec 5Musicians Club 

Dec 6Planned Parenthood 

Dec 7Gardens and Trails Club 

Dec 7Word of Grace Meetings 

Dec 7Art Guild Club Meeting 

Dec 8Word of Grace Meetings 

Dec 8Meditation & Relaxation Time 

Dec 9Special Friday Makeup Session 

Dec 12Community Outreach Club 

Dec 12Musicians Club 

Dec 14Last Day of Classes for Fall 2016 Semester 

Dec 14Word of Grace Meetings 

Dec 14Art Guild Club Meeting 

Dec 15Final Exams 

Dec 16Final Exams 

Dec 17Final Exams 

Dec 23Last Day to Register for Winter Session without $25 Late Fee 

Dec 24Christmas/New Year Break – Campus Closed 

Dec 25Christmas/New Year Break – Campus Closed 

Dec 26Christmas/New Year Break – Campus Closed 

Dec 27Christmas/New Year Break – Campus Closed 

Dec 28Christmas/New Year Break – Campus Closed 

Dec 29Christmas/New Year Break – Campus Closed 

Dec 30Christmas/New Year Break – Campus Closed 

Dec 31Christmas/New Year Break – Campus Closed 

Jan 1Christmas/New Year Break – Campus Closed 

Jan 2Christmas/New Year Break – Campus Closed 

Jan 3First Day of Classes for Winter Session 

Jan 3Late Payment Subject to $25 Late Fee 

Jan 12Last Day for Individual Course Withdrawals 

Jan 16M.L. King, Jr. Holiday – No classes 

Jan 19Last Day of Classes for Winter Session 

Jan 20Final Grades Due for Winter Session 

Feb 9SSA Senate Meeting 

Feb 14Planned Parenthood 

Mar 9SSA Senate Meeting 

Mar 15Planned Parenthood 

Mar 15Spring Campus Visit Day 

Apr 11Planned Parenthood 

Apr 13SSA Senate Meeting 

Apr 26Planned Parenthood 

May 3Planned Parenthood 

May 5SSA Senate Meeting 

Jun 2Relay for Life