Current Students

Current Students

Get access to the many services available to you here at FM.


You have made a great decision, now make the most of your college experience.

As a student of FM, you are becoming familiar with all the services and opportunities that are available to you. We hope that you are getting involved and engaged on campus. Have you joined a club yet?  Have you attended at Student Government Association meeting? If you are thinking you would like to get involved, but have not yet made the move, visit the Student Activities Office in the College Union.

Being a member of a campus community carries responsibility.  You are one of about 2,800 students at FM.  As a college, we have made a commitment to embracing civility.  Our civility statement reads:

“FM is committed to fostering an environment of civility. All members of the FM community and visitors have the right to experience and the responsibility to create and maintain an environment of mutual respect and support that is civil in all aspects of human relations. Civility facilitates professional growth and achievement and promotes an environment where each person can reach his or her full potential.”

A college campus is a place designed for the learning community to challenge ideas, embrace change, and learn about the greater world.  Please keep in mind that this is a challenging environment and the views of others matter.  Treat fellow students, faculty, and staff with the same respect that you would like to receive.

On June 20th, we launched a new student information system, which will enhance your overall experience at FM.  One feature, coming soon, is My FM, a student portal that will allow you to access grades, look at billing information, and contains many other features that have not been available to our students in the past.  Stay tuned!

If you find that you are struggling in an academic area, rest assured that FM is committed to helping students be successful.  There are many opportunities for peer or professional tutoring available in the Learning Commons of the Evans Library.  Take an opportunity to visit the Evans Library and ask about our tutoring services.  We want you to be successful here.

Important Dates:

Apr 18NYS Walk for Children 

Apr 18Vagina Monologues 

Apr 18Vagina Monologues 

Apr 22Guest Speaker Penny Lane, Spiritual Director/Survivor of Violent Crime 

Apr 24Last Day for individual course withdrawal for the 3rd 5-Week Session 

May 1Deaf Chat 

May 1Batboy 

May 2Special Friday Make-Up Session (for evening classes only) 

May 2Batboy 

May 3Batboy 

May 6Last Day of Classes for Spring Semester 

May 7Final Exams 

May 11Final Grades Due 

May 14Phi Theta Kappa Awards Ceremony 

May 15Commencement 

May 17Mountain Valley Hospice Annual Walk/Run 

May 18First Day of Classes: SU Day Session I, 8 Wk and 10 Wk Evening Sessions 

May 19Late Payment (subject to $25.00 fee): SU Day Session I, 8 Wk and 10 Wk Evening Sessions 

May 25College Closed for Memorial Day 

May 30Healthy Living Expo 

Jun 9Last Day for Individual Course Withdrawal from Day Session I 

Jun 19Last Day of Classes for Day Session I 

Jun 19Last Day for Individual Course Withdrawal for 8-week Evening Session 

Jun 21Final Grades Due for Day Session I 

Jun 22First Day of Classes: Summer Day Session II 

Jun 23Late Payment Period (subject to $25 fee) for Day Session II 

Jul 3College Closed – Independence Day 

Jul 6Last Day for Individual Course Withdrawal for 10-week Evening Session 

Jul 10Last Day of Classes for 8-week Evening Session 

Jul 12Final Grades Due 8-week Evening Session 

Jul 14Last Day for Individual Course Withdrawals for Day Session II 

Jul 17Special Friday Make-up Day for Day Session II 

Jul 24Last day of classess for Day Session II 

Jul 24Last Day of Classes for 10-week Evening Session 

Jul 26Final Grades Due for Day Session II and 10 Week Evening Session 

Oct 20Tri-County Counselors College Fair 

Nov 12Happy 200 Birthday to Woman Suffrage Leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton