September 2014


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Tue, September 23

12:30 PM02:00 PMTheater


Wed, September 24

12:00 PM02:00 PMCollege Union


12:00 PM01:00 PMC-138


12:00 PM
Institutional Advancement - L-006 A Academic Assessment - C-209 A


Thu, September 25

09:00 AM02:00 PMLarge Lounge


12:30 PMTheatre
Please join us - every FM staff member and student are a member of FCA. We'd love your input - also please encourage students to come.


12:30 PM02:00 AM
Every student and employee of FM is a member of the FCA Corporation. Please come to the meeting and hear all the wonderful things FCA does and learn how we've grown and are still growing!


Mon, September 29

11:00 AM01:00 PMClassroom Building