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Mon, March 27

12:00 PM01:00 PMC-109 O'Connell Hall
Are you interested in helping others? Join us!
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12:00 PM01:00 PMC-108 O'Connell Hall
Open to all students!
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12:00 PM01:00 PMC-213 O'Connell Hall
Think Peace Club Mission Statement has four simple goals:
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Tue, March 28

12:30 PM02:00 PMC-110 O'Connell Hall
Hear the news - LIVE - from Dr. Swanger! Be part of the monthly discussion on FM updates.


12:30 PM02:00 PMC-133 O'Connell Hall
All are Welcome! This club promotes cross-cultural awareness by sponsoring recreational outings, service projects, plus on and off campus activities. Join us!


Wed, March 29

12:00 PM01:00 PMC-221 O'Connell Hall
The Garden and Trails Club will assist in building and maintaining gardens and trails on the campus to foster a sense of community between students, FMCC employees, Liberty, BOCES, and the local community.
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12:00 PM01:00 PMN-009
Behind the scenes or on the air, learn how!


12:00 PM01:00 PMC-206 O'Connell Hall
Thank you for your service!


12:00 PM01:00 PMC-139 O'Connell Hall
A Christian Club, ALL are welcome!


12:00 PM01:00 PMO'Connell Hall Lobby
Interested in joining our science department in the March for Science on April 22nd? Stop by our table today for more information!

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