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Fall Billing Information


Let us take the mystery out of the enrollment process.


Fall Billing Information

Fall 2017 – Essential Information

         Fall Semester

July 31                                                            Payment Due
September 6                                                Term Begins / Late Fee – $25.00
September 6 – 12                                       Add / Drop Period
September 13 – November 15               Course Withdrawals – No Refund
September 20                                             Late Fee – $50.00

Payment can be made online (via MYFM), by check (made payable to FMCC), or in person using cash, check, or credit / debit card.

Check your FM email regularly for updates on how to view your Tuition and Fees Statement online, as well as how to pay online. 

You have reserved class space for this semester.  If you decide not to attend, you must officially withdraw through the Student Development Center (Room N-107; (518) 736-3622 Ext 8140) prior to the first day of class.

SUNY Uniform Refund Policy for College Withdrawal

For sessions lasting 9-15 weeks:

Prior to 9/6/17                                             100% refund of tuition/fees

During the 1st week (9/6 – 9/12)               75% refund of tuition only

During the 2nd week (9/13 – 9/19)           50% refund of tuition only

During the 3rd week (9/20 – 9/26)          25% refund of tuition only

After the 3rd week there are no refunds.

For sessions lasting 8 weeks or less:

Prior to the first day             100% refund of tuition and fees

During the 1st week               25% refund of tuition only

After the 1st week there are no refunds.

Certificate of Residence (CR) Requirements **

In order to qualify for the New York State tuition rate, each student residing outside of Fulton or Montgomery County is required to submit a Certificate of Residence (CR) to the Bursar’s Office, verifying that they have been a permanent resident of New York State for a full year prior to registration.  CR’s are good for only one year and students must obtain a new CR from their County Treasurer’s Office each year.  CR’s need to be turned into the Bursar’s Office PRIOR to the start of the semester/session.  Failure to submit a valid Certificate of Residence will result in the student being charged at the non-resident rate (double tuition).

** Fulton and Montgomery County residents are required to verify their address on “MY FM” each academic semester.  Providing false information or omission of data may result in dismissal from the college based on the standards of student conduct, as outlined in “The Source Student Handbook”.

Fall Book Deferrals:  August 7 – September 20

You are eligible to defer the cost your books against Financial Aid at the Raider Trader Bookstore located here on the FM Campus if…

  1. …you have a credit on your Tuition & Fees account based on ACTUAL PACKAGED FINANCIAL AID GRANTS and/or CERTIFIED STUDENT LOAN(S) and…
  2. …you have submitted a Certificate of Residence (if required).

The Bookstore is notified automatically of Book Deferral information for students who meet these qualifications prior to the book deferral period.  Please refer to your My FM account to determine if a Book Voucher has been issued and charged to your account. 

*If a Book Voucher has been issued, you may report directly to the bookstore for your books.

*If a Book Voucher hasn’t been issued, please report to the Bursar’s Office for further inquiry.

Open Educational Resource (OER) Fees

Open Educational Resource (OER) is an online, low cost alternative to a textbook which is required by some courses offered here at the college.  Fee is mandatory based on course enrollment.

I.D. Cards & Parking Permits

All students are required to have a valid FM identification card, as well as a valid parking permit for their vehicle. They are available in the Public Safety Office, P-144 (PE Building).

Questions?  Please contact the Bursar’s Office with any questions concerning your Tuition and Fees Statement.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office with questions concerning financial aid application and eligibility.

Bursar’s Office Hours & Contact Info

Summer (5/15 – 7/31)                       Monday-Thursday 8:00-4:00, Friday            8:00-3:00
Fall (Beginning 8/1)                          Monday-Thursday 8:00-5:00, Friday             8:00-4:00
bursar.office@fmcc.edu // Phone (518)736-FMCC (3622)  // FAX (518)762-3844