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Individual Studies: Collaborative Career Learning (COCAL)

Jump start your career and land at the top of the resume pile with this innovative Individual Studies certificate program that combines classroom learning and hands-on workplace experience. COCAL doesn’t just launch careers—it puts graduates on the fast track to success. Work with the COCAL director to create a program tailored to your specific career goals, combining classroom study with on-the-job training and close mentoring by practicing professionals in a workplace environment. You’ll make valuable career contacts and bolster your resume with the hands-on training employers seek in today’s competitive job market. Whether you’re looking for an immediate job, want to further your studies, or wish to explore a career option, COCAL gives you a powerful edge.

COCAL Career Titles

Accounting Clerk
Administrative Assistant
Bill and Account Collector
Billing, Posting, & Calculating Machine Operator
Construction Carpenter
Customer Service Representative
Dental Assistant
Hospital Unit Clerk (Medical Secretary)
Human Resources Assistant
Maintenance and Repair Worker, Buildings
Medical Assistant
Medical Records & Health Information Technician
Medical Secretary
Patient Care Technician
Receptionist and Information Clerk
As labor markets change, new career titles will become available